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Amethyst for February Birthdays


Heart amethyst huggie earrings

If you’re stuck for an idea for a February birthday, firstly you can stop worrying, because jewelry is a great idea! From the classical and elegant to the fun and funky, jewelry is both versatile and long lasting. A great starting point in the search for a birthday gift this month is February’s birthstone – the amethyst.

Heart amethyst yellow gold pendant

Rainbow gemstone ring

Amethyst signity ring

Amethyst, crystal and pearl bracelet

Amethyst is a gorgeous purple stone – unlike some other stones, it has only minor variations in its color. Where quartz, for example, comes in all sorts of different colours, and diamonds also come in pink, blue, white-clear, or even black variations, amethyst is mainly pink purple to deep purple.

Amethyst is an especially hard stone, so the jewelry made of it is long lasting … and made for those who wear their jewelry hard! It is fairly rare to find amethyst in men’s jewelry, but if you do, it is made tough for male demands :)

Accordingly to mythology, amethyst has another especially great feature – it protects against drunkenness! Ancient Greeks and Romans used to make drinking vessels of it, in the belief that it would prevent intoxication. Personally, I had several questions about this – to start with, why would you even bother drinking alcoholic beverages if you didn’t want to become intoxicated? Most of them hardly taste like milkshakes :) Secondly, I wonder how this belief managed to stay around for long enough to even be documented, let alone spread to neighboring cultures – considering that every person who drank too much alcohol from an amethyst vessel would still have a shocking hangover the next morning. Given this, every single time somebody tried to prevent their hangover, the theory about amethyst would have been disproven. A mystery! But still, all part of the history and cute charm of the stone.

For the February birthday girl (or boy, depending on their taste!), there is plenty of beautiful heart cut amethyst jewelry. The widest range of heart cut amethysts is in rings and earrings – they range from the huggie earrings pictured at the start of this article, for snug and sleek amethyst style, to pieces like the heart amethysts pendant pictured here. Like a gorgeous ripe wine-flavored cherry, this pendant brings color and life to your jewelry collection.

Despite the fact that historically, purple has been quite a unisex color, there is much less amethyst jewelry designed specifically for men than there is for women. However, if you are looking for a present for your fella for his February birthday, you could go for something a little out of the ordinary, like this rainbow yellow gold ring featuring amethyst. Or, for the more traditional man, there is this amethyst signity ring – based on white gold, it is much more subtle than the rainbow gemstone ring, but still a very individual style statement. Definitely a unique present – that will be remembered and appreciated for as long as it lasts. And you know how long that will be!

The range of amethyst bracelets is also surprisingly individual – from the sleek and minimal to the celebratorily lavish! This layered and lovely amethyst bracelet is also very affordable. The crystal base along with the darker pearls makes it quite modern, and the amethyst gives it a livening burst of color. A great choice for those women who adore accessorising, dressing up and decorating themselves!

For the entire range of entrancing amethyst jewelry, just check the Gift Ideas section – go to birthstones, and then the February birthstones section. A gorgeous misty purple haze awaits!

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