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Aquamarine for March Birthdays


Aquamarine Pendant

If only everything in life was as simple (and as enjoyable!) as choosing birthday presents! Before you scoff at me (because no doubt the reason you are reading this is that you can’t decide on a gift), read on – it is easier than you think!

Square cut Aquamarine Stud Earrings

Aquamarine Gemstone Earrings

Heart Aquamarine Pendant

If you have a friend or loved one with a birthday in March, then their birthstone is the aquamarine. This is handy, because unlike the months where the birthstone is very feminine, like pink quartz, amethyst, peridot or topaz, aquamarines are quite unisex. They have a wonderfully subtle bluish hint in their clear facets – the only thing that separates them from diamonds. Historically, the birthstone for March was the bloodstone … aren’t you glad it has changed?!

So, while much of the aquamarine jewelry is made for women, there are quite a few pieces that would be suitable for men’s gifts also. The strong lines and solid character of the aquamarine pendant pictured at the beginning of the article makes it a good choice for a men’s birthday gift. You could even pop it on a leather necklet, or a chunky and reliable chain, rather than the usual fine and dainty chain, to make it even more masculine. Then of course, if you have a man that wears earrings, these square cut aquamarine stud earrings are also a strong, unisex option. The square cut of the stone has the added advantage of reflecting the light inwards, to heighten the beautiful shimmery blue color.

If you are looking for a present for one of the lucky ladies in your life, though, aquamarines are a rare and often inspiring option. One of the best things about them is that while they have much of the look of diamonds, they definitely do not have the price tag! So where clear stones are used to create a background or some stylistic relief in more colorful pieces, aquamarines help make this gorgeous jewelry affordable. Check out these dainty and colorful earrings as an example – matching necklaces are also available, and both pieces cost less than $100 each. More to spare for other gifts – from a romantic weekend, to dinner and a chat, depending on the lucky recipient!

When you combine that subtle blue aquamarine tint with yellow gold, the result is a beautiful interplay of hints of color – the jewelry almost seems to change its color in different rooms. This naturally delectable drop pendant is a great example.

Hopefully your mental wheels are racing ahead, and your clicking finger is just about to follow! If you need any further help or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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