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Christmas Gift Ideas for Women


Diamond heart earrings

What a difficult topic! Since there are more than half as many women on the earth as there are people (which is getting into the billions, and moving along fast!), and every single one has a unique personality, we can only start you off on a certain road. You’ll need to follow the signposts that you have built up for this person to know which direction to take at each fork.

But enough of the metaphors, and more of the advice!

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Pink gemstone pendant

The first time you come to a crossroads in choosing a Christmas present for a female is most likely to be how much you would like to spend on them. Use the price sliders in every category to help you narrow down what you want to look at, and what you’ll just skim over anyway. If you want to splash out, then gemstone jewelry, diamond earrings or diamond pendants will be some of your main focal categories. If you are looking for a lower price range, then try amongst the earrings and necklaces, and especially the Pandora and Nomination bracelet ranges for affordable gifts that are still personalized and very meaningful.

If you aren’t really sure what type of jewelry to get for someone for Christmas, you can use their birthday (ironically, I know!) as a guide … we blog every single month about what presents are likely to suit somebody born in that particular month, and these presents are just as easily and suitably given at Christmas as at their birthday! We usually include some personality advice as their birth-month relates to their star sign, and also have some tips about great birthstone jewelry for anyone born in that month.

If you are buying for someone close to you, you can be guided by the huge store of knowledge you (hopefully!) have about their tastes and preferences, and also what they already have in their collection. Go as plain or as intricate as you like, and choose from just about any type of jewelry.

However, if you are buying for a female to whom you are less closely connected (sisters in law, mothers in law, colleagues and plain old friends!), it is probably better to keep it on that are more classic and of simple design, rather than intricate and elaborate. If you aren’t as close to somebody, birthstone jewelry is a great idea – it makes no assumptions about their personality or taste. Also go for earrings and bracelets, rather than rings and necklaces.

The final signpost we can provide on the path to a great Christmas gift for women in your life, is that you need to be guided by your instincts and her unique personality. Most women love jewelry – even those that aren’t particularly feminine or decorative. We have a huge range, and ultimately what you get will depend on whether she is a boy’s girl or a girl’s girl … whether she is elegant and refined or down-to-earth … whether she works with her hands or her mind … and her unique look and coloring. As always, if any advice is required – we are here!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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