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Modern Gifts for Mother’s Day


Iolite necklace with peridot, pearl and diamond

Was your mother one of those that always seemed to fit in with your friends just a little too well, when they came over after school? Surely now you appreciate her for what she is, but if you used to wish that your Mom would just act her age, then you should really be looking for a very modern, fun Mother’s Day gift for her. We have a huge range of jewelry here that is both modern and fun, yet sentimental and long-lasting. Here are some great ideas!

Amber Necklace

Black Onyx Earrings

Interchangeable Gemstone Pendant

Color is one of the hallmarks of modern jewelry – for classical Moms you’d go for simple designs and spare coloring, but for your modern Mom, you’ll usually find that the more colorful a piece is, the better! The iolite, pearl, diamond and peridot necklace pictured at the beginning of the article is one of our more unusual necklaces. Most necklaces have chains of either a variant of gold or silver – in this necklace the ‘chain’ is formed of natural iolite stones.

Modernism in jewelry often means free-flowing forms, naturalism, and less-explored stones … whereas classical jewelry had regular shapes, was usually made with one of the ‘big four’ (diamond, sapphire, emerald or ruby), and focused on centerpieces and borders. This amber necklace is a great example of a modern piece of jewelry. Amber is one of the newer options to enter popular jewelry, so your Mom will be the trend setter among her friends and colleagues!

Where black gemstones were once the exclusive province of (a very limited range of!) men’s jewelry, modern jewelry now often includes black gemstones. This can be a great way for your mother to keep her accessories up to date and in vogue, but also easy to match with all different outfits and situations. All of our black gemstone jewelry is handily gathered together in one location. From here, if you look to the left of the screen you’ll see that this category has brothers and sisters in every gemstone color – so if your Mom prefers green, blue, red, or purple jewelry, you can also search through these categories. These black onyx earrings make the stone nice and prominent, and will be well within most budgets.

A fabulous range of choice is another of the hallmarks of modernity. We all have so much more choice in our lives today than we ever had – so why settle for buying a necklace that will only go with some of your Mom’s outfits? Grab something that she can choose to personalise, with this interchangeable stone pendant. It features amethyst, citrine and topaz, and also includes free shipping!

Don’t forget that whichever chic, modern piece of jewelry you choose for your Mum this Mother’s Day, free gift wrapping is available for all orders. Check the item description of the pieces you like the look of, also – free shipping is available on a large portion of our range. Happy browsing!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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