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November Birthday Gifts for Your Wife


Topaz, Amethyst and Citrine Earrings

You know, there are so many jokes (some of them not very humorous!) about people letting themselves go after they get married. Girdles come off, bodily gases are suddenly audible, and towels are left on the floor instead of being hung up – and honestly, this just makes for a more comfortable and natural relationship! But one thing that you shouldn’t let go out the window is the effort you put into birthday presents. Those few hours spent finding just the right gift can €carry you both through an entire year of drudgery, money worries and work. If you need a helping hand, here is our list of the best birthday gifts for wives this November.

Pandora Paraiba/Buick topaz and Cubic zirconia ring

Paraiba Topaz Pandora Post Earrings

Pandora Blue-Green Pearl Necklace

Turquoise Leather Necklace

Pandora Silver and Gold Earrings

Blue Topaz and Amethyst Ring

The birthstone for November is the topaz, so if you haven’t had the brilliant idea of birthstone jewelry already (or she hasn’t planted the idea in your head!), then topaz jewelry offers a great way to instantly narrow the search. The topaz earrings pictured at the beginning of the article are a lovely delicate pair, with silver filigree work surrounding an amethyst and citrine that accompany the pear shaped topazes. They are around 4.5cm long, so are great for evening wear but are also restrained enough in design to be used everyday. Sterling silver base helps keep them affordable, despite all the gorgeous gemstones!

Another great way to help narrow your search for a great birthday gift for your wife is using her birthday … not only because any gift is good as long as she gets it on time! Her starsign holds some potent clues about what she’ll love. Scorpios are born on or before the 21st of November, and these ladies are passionate, mysterious, intense and creative. On or after the 22nd, Sagittarius rules, creating women that are freedom loving, imaginative, independent and extroverted. They’ll love anything a little out of the ordinary, like the Pandora Paraiba topaz/ Buick topaz/ Cubic zirconia ring pictured at right. Not only does it feature the birthstone, it is quite an individual, although simple design, and the inclusion of the rarer types of topazes sets their imagination free. They love their freedom, and the sleek and simple design of the ring doesn’t hamper that.

For some matching jewelry delights, check out the paraiba topaz earrings (again, the post and butterfly fittings on these don’t restrict her freedom, like the drop style earrings can), and the gorgeous blue green necklace pictured below the ring.

In fact, whether you have a Scorpio or Sagittarian lady to buy for, the Pandora range of jewelry can really set her creative/imaginative side alight. Most of the materials are far apart from the usual big eight of gemstones, with unusual inclusions like champagne colored pearls and prenits in many pieces. Leather always makes a stunningly unique base for women’s jewelry, and this turquoise leather necklace will make a creative and imaginative addition to your wife’s collection this November.

The silver and gold earrings pictured under the leather necklace are equally unusual, simply in their shaping and design, although they don’t have the exotic pearls and gems that some of the other Pandora pieces do. These earrings are made of sterling silver and 14ct yellow gold and have post and butterfly fittings if you are searching for a gift for a Sagittarian. There are matching Pandora beads for the range of charm bracelets, as well as finger rings in this style. Just click on the product and scroll down to the ‘We Also Recommend’ section to see the matching products.

Sometimes the creativity and imagination of a piece comes from the combination of two quite ordinary materials, like in the blue topaz and amethyst ring shown. The simple design really catches the eye with its striking combination of light and dark stones. They are set on 9ct white gold, so offer that silvery look but in a metal that is suitable for all skin types. It comes in a slimline 4mm size, for a slender and graceful look.

There are plenty of other gifts in the Gift Ideas for Wives section, as well as the Topaz jewelry section, if you haven’t seen the perfect piece yet. If you need some expert advice to bounce your ideas off, just click the Live Help link at the right of screen when you are in the shop, and we’ll be there to help you.

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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