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Perfect Pandora Charms for June Birthdays – Pearls and the Rest


Pandora Mix and Match Pearl Earring Attachments

The Pandora range loves pearls … it has that amazing blend of classical, traditional style, colour and individuality that pearls themselves do.

Which is why we are exploring pearl jewelry options within the Pandora range right now – pearls are the birthstone for June. Let’s check out how Pandora makes them conspicuous, classical and very cool, as well as seeing some of the range’s other options for girls born in June.

Pandora Mix and Match pearl earring pendant attachments

Pandora Pearl Birthstone Charm

Pandora champagne pearl and diamond flowers necklace

Pandora Chocolate Pearl Dangle Charm

Pandora Beaded Design Pink Pearl Charm

Pandora White Hearts Mother of Pearl Charm

Pandora Silver Anklet With Pearl Dangle

Pandora Black Pearl Ring

Pandora Crown Pearl Ring

Pandora’s pearl mix and match earrings

Pandora’s new mix and match earring range has been a hit since it hit the stores – and the pearl dangles are one of the most beautiful products for June birthdays. The concept is simply that you can mix and match your earring hooks with different earring pendant attachments. Extending from the famous Pandora bracelet charm concept, the Pandora mix and match earrings allow ladies to change their earring designs from day to day, and even to mix multiple earring pendants together at once – to create truly unique designs.

The rose pink pearl Pandora earring pendant attachments at the beginning of the article are a gorgeous, feminine example!

There are actually over a hundred different products in the Pandora Mix n Match earring range, so we couldn’t go past the big, beautiful pearl attachments at the right of the article! They feature 10mm pearls, and for the size of the gemstone these are extremely affordable. The entire length is 16mm, so they are dainty enough for office and everyday wear, and the base is sterling silver for affordability.

Pandora June Birthstone charm

Of course, Pandora’s birthstone charms range is one of the neatest and sweetest ways to give a personalized gift this June. All Pandora birthstone beads are designed for simplicity and are a very affordable price.

Pandora pearl necklace

The Pandora necklaces are some of our best sellers after the bracelet charms. Every one of them has a sleek, elegant personality, and a unique style that goes well beyond the traditional pendant or chain shape. The champagne coloured pearl on this necklace is another unique feature – it sits alongside a natural diamond for a subtle sparkle. The chain is a comfortable 45cm in length.

One of the best things about the pearls in the Pandora range of matching jewellery is that they go far beyond the black and white varieties that you’ll see everywhere else. They even go beyond the standard muted grey, apricot and pale pink that are becoming quite common – into deep, striking shades like the chocolate pearl dangle at right! This design actually comes with a few different pearl colours, but this one set on sterling silver, with 14ct gold accents, is the most individual by far.

Pink pearl Pandora charm

Now, just because pale pink pearls are relatively common, doesn’t mean they can’t be gorgeous! Femininity gets an antique makeover in this pink pearl bead set on oxidized sterling silver. The beaded design echoes plenty of other pieces throughout the range, and this particular bead is available with black or white pearls as well as pink.

Mother of Pearl hearts Pandora charm

While not technically a pearl, the mother of pearl white hearts bead at right has so much of the personality and character of pearls, and has been such a popular item, that we couldn’t resist including it! It is also available in black mother of pearl, and makes for a shining yet inconspicuous accent to other showpiece beads on your Pandora bracelet or necklace.

Pandora anklets

The Pandora anklet range has also become popular as a gift line – they are simple and affordable, and there are a great range to choose from. We love the ambiguous colour of the pearl in this version – actually a traditional white pearl, it begins to take on the silvery colour of its surroundings. Most anklets are available in either 23 or 25cm lengths.

Pandora pearl rings

The Pandora black pearl ring at right could have come straight from your grandmother’s jewelry box – and that is exactly how it is supposed to look. The beautiful oxidized antique roses, together with the gold accent and the low set pearl make for a very classy piece of jewellery. An excellent gift for op-shopping, vintage bargain hunting babes!

The crown pearl ring at right has almost an opposite feel to the black pearl one above it – it is cute, fun, and sweet, all characteristics that Pandora knows about! The dainty apricot coloured pearl is a lovely halfway point between the silver band and the gold wreath. The gold wreath is actually moveable – great for chicks with fiddly fingers! The 3mm band has a solid feel.

If you are looking for a June birthday present, you’d be mad not to explore the Pandora range. Their designers are truly inspired when it comes to creating unique, special pearl pieces … for you to have the benefit of!

Check out the Pandora earrings, Pandora necklace, Pandora rings, Pandora anklets, Pandora mix and match earrings, or look for pearl pieces with the Pandora bracelet builder.

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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