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Perfect Pandora Present for February Birthdays


Silver bead – pink sapphire set in yellow gold

Pandora bracelets are such a handy present – as well as being stylish, individual and great quality, they are the gift that gives to the receiver! Once you have given a Pandora bracelet to somebody, you will never be stuck for a present idea again. So if you are looking for a present for a friend or loved one with a birthday in February, and have the luck and good sense to have decided on a Pandora bracelet (!), here are some awesome ideas for beads that are unique, sophisticated and utterly lovable.

Pisces bead

Moon and stars bead

Gold Angel bead

Hanging padlock and key bead

The starsigns that relate to February birthdays are Aquarius and Pisces – so if you are totally stuck for ideas for Pandora beads, these can be great guiding principles. Aquarians are usually unconventional, individual and progressive. For the Aquarian, you’ll be looking for beads that stand out from the crowd, rather than blending into the shadows. You also get to have fun with combinations of beads – while no bead is the only one of its kind in the world, you can go pretty close to having a totally unique bracelet with unexpected bead combinations, for the ‘unexpecting’ Aquarian! There are some quixotic silver and gold beads – from the Pandora page, go to the silver and gold section. In there you should find some absolute ‘gems’ of randomness and individuality, like the silver and gold teapot or Queen bee. You’ll also find silver and gold drums, princess and pea beds, and wedding cakes.

There are also the easier options – go for birthstones or zodiac sign beads if you are unsure if your friend or loved one will share your taste in Pandora jewelry. All zodiac signs are available – the Pisces bead is shown here. Or you could go for the birthstone relating to February – this is amethyst, which is a beautiful bright purple color. Pandora beads featuring birthstones are guaranteed to stand out, as they hang down from the bracelet, sparkle and catch the sunlight. If your friend or loved one is a Pisces, the birthstone beads should be especially appreciated – Pisceans are generally spiritual, mystical, and inspirational types, so the vibrant aura of amethyst suits their personality well.

Also for the mystical Piscean, you’ll find many heavenly beads in the silver and in the gold sections. One of these is the moon and stars bead – these are quite popular and we often have them in stock for quick delivery. You’ll also find, conveniently, that silver beads are quite cost effective. They are great as a base color for the Pandora bracelet, both stylistically and because they won’t break the bank!

Under the gold section you’ll find beads at the more extravagant end of the price scale – for more special occasions (perhaps 21st or 30th birthdays; when your friend has had an especially hard year), but there are some lovely designs that are guaranteed to last. This gold angel bead would be another great option for a Piscean – their dreamy, artistic and ethereal nature makes them adore the idea of angels. And you know, angels only protect those that believe in them!

In the gold section, a great idea for your Aquarian friend or loved one is this hanging padlock and key bead. With its unusual mix of center-thread and hanging character, and its relative rarity due to the price range, it is sure to please the individualistic and unusual Aquarian.

This is only a tiny selection and a small range of ideas from the huge number of Pandora beads available – there literally is something for every taste and style. Have a leisurely browse – and feel free to contact us if you’d like any advice!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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