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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women


Ruby and diamond necklace

Well, food might be the way to a man’s stomach, depending on who you speak to, but gifts are the currency of the heart for women. A well thought out gift, and especially one that takes her by surprise, will have you in the good books for a very long time! There are so many choices though, and you’ll want a completely different gift for a budding romance than you would for a time-tested relationship. Let us help you match your gift to your woman, sifting through the murky waters of Valentine’s Day etiquette and gift-giving!

Delightful pink tourmaline white gold pendant

Heart diamond necklace for wives

Gorgeous blue topaz earrings for new girlfriends

Having said that, this will be the guiding piece of advice for all of your jewelry-gift adventures … go with your own heart! You know your lady best – you know whether she is outdoorsy or indoorsy, an up- or down-dresser, whether she never wears rings but often wears bracelets, and all of those other vital pieces of information! Hopefully you also know her look and a little bit about her bits and pieces – does she have stunning green eyes that would sparkle next to emerald, peridot or jade earrings? Does she have a soft, graceful neck that would be beautifully highlighted by a pendant? The point is, have a think about her first … and let that be your guide in your browsing.

Pendants are a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day. They can really make or break an outfit, whether it is being worn down the street, or out to a function. Pink is the traditional color for Valentine’s Day – it is associated with affection and friendship, always the underlying feelings you want when around your lady! So a pink pendant will constantly remind her of the occasion it was given for – and how she felt when opening it. Awww! On the simpler and less pricey side is this pink tourmaline pendant.

Diamonds are a symbol of durability and strength, so diamond jewelry is a particularly good choice for your wife for Valentine’s day. This pendant is at the lower end of the price scale, for those who don’t want to get in trouble for breaking the budget, while they are trying to get in the good books! Naturally there are a range of beautiful diamond pendants to suit all price points and desires too!

Back to those beautiful baby blues or browns, or even greens – earrings are a great way to highlight her eye color, and this makes for an easy way to pick a Valentine’s present. Peridot is a beautiful light green, you could go for deep red garnet to highlight brown eyes, or blue topaz earrings make blue eyes really stand out. These blue heart topaz earrings won’t break the bank, and continue that heart theme for Valentine’s Day.

Whatever you choose to give as a gift, let it help you celebrate Valentine’s Day – there isn’t enough love in the world, so enjoy the mushiness while you can!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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