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Happy Anniversary Gifts for August


Pandora Twin Hearts Ring

It’s that time of year again … if you’re a northern hemisphere dweller, the sun is shining just a little less, the flowers are beginning to retract and there are glorious bright colors everywhere to be found. If you live in the Southern hemisphere, you are just beginning to see winter’s sleep break, with little green bits poking out everywhere, a fresh breeze and slightly more humane daytime temperatures. Oh yeah, and it’s your wedding anniversary!

For starters, goon on you for remembering in time! Even I often forget until I have to write down the date … and I’m female ;-) . If you’re stumped as to how to make this August anniversary special, though, we have some unique ideas for you.

Pandora Peridot Flower Ring

Pandora Peridot Flower Matching Jewelry

4mm Peridot White Gold Earrings

Pandora Love Connection Inspirations Bracelet

Pandora Pink Sparkle Inspirations Bracelet

Men’s Surf Wave White Gold Ring

Wenger SLSA Lifesaver Men’s Watch

You are two twin hearts, the both of you .. and even if only the female half will really suit this ring, it does bring all that gorgeous anniversary sappiness to every other day of the year! The ring itself is part of the Pandora jewelry collection, and features a 14ct tiny gold heart set against an oxidized silver background, on a polished silver ring. It is a sweet, child-like piece, and a great way to remind her of simpler times … and that love is all you need. It is especially suitable because August is actually Twins month in Twinsburg, Ohio, also ;-) .

The birthstone for August is the peridot, and as such, it is the birthstone for your marriage itself! Peridots are a gorgeous fresh green color, especially suitable for the imperceptible beginnings of spring in the southern hemisphere, and just generally sweet and colorful otherwise! Pandora’s gorgeous style strikes again for this anniversary gift, in the form of a peridot-adorned flower ring, also featuring a sparkling white diamond – they’re forever, you know! The ring itself is made out of affordable sterling silver, while the peridot and the diamond find a lovely warm background in 14ct yellow gold. You will have to ruin the surprise for this one, as you’ll need to know her finger size accurately. And it may not be the same as when you married! However, the fact that you’re organizing her gift so far in advance should make up for that :-) . Check out some of the matching jewelry also, while you’re there (pictured below the ring).

However, if your wife is like many, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to wear all the evening wear and ’special’ jewelry she has … there are plenty more excuses to just feel special everyday. The 4mm peridot earrings at right are perfect for that, bringing a touch of freshness to work and home life for her. The 4mm peridots are set in affordable 9ct white gold, so this is one gift that you won’t have to hide the receipt for. It costs less than a nice restaurant meal, but can be kept forever!

Although you might not have realized it when you picked your wedding month, the theme of August is marital happiness. Awwwww! That’s cute. Why not revel in the sugary sweetenss of it (or at least let your wife do some sugary reveling :-) ), with a gift like the Love Connection Pandora Inspirations bracelet at right. The bracelet is a lovely themed start to a Pandora bracelet, with two sterling silver hearts, two pastel pink Murano glass ribbon design charms, and a ‘Heart You’ charm as the centerpiece. As far as the Pandora ready made Inspirations range goes, this is quite affordable also!

August is also National Women’s month in some parts of the world. But don’t feel left out – give her the gift of femininity (sometimes it can feel a bit lost amid the daily life of being married!), with a piece like the Pink Sparkle Pandora bracelet at right. It has a gorgeous and very affordable collection of pink and white cubic zirconia charms for her to indulge in, set on a sterling silver bracelet base. You can choose the bracelet length, and also do a bit of interchanging and trading with the charms, if you prefer.

And for the wives out there looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your husbands this year, August is the month that Hawaii officially became a state of the USA. That may not mean much to you … except it is a great excuse to have him indulge in some of the sexy surf and wave-themed jewelry on site. The 9ct white gold ring at right is just one of quite a few wave-design rings we have on site. Many of them are made to be suitable as wedding rings, so the matching width and depth will mean this ring can sit happily alongside his wedding ring without looking like a disaster! This ring is a 9ct white gold one with a 5mm soft rounded band. You also have the option to engrave a message inside the band. A lovely way to express your sentiments in a forever sort of way!

The Wenger SLSA surf watch at right is another awesome ocean-themed gift for your anniversary this August. He may even appreciate this more than the ring (“I’ve already got one of them! What do I need another one for?!” … is what my husband would say :-) ). There are several of these designs, some with red and some with yellow bands, and all with the red and yellow accents around the circumference of the dial. It is a super tough watch, with 200m water resistance, luminous marker and hands, Swiss quartz movement, a screw-down crown, mineral crystal glass, and best of all a 3-year manufacturer warranty. This watch also ships for free across the entire world.

If you haven’t seen something just exactly perfect for your anniversary this year, don’t worry – now that you’re in the mood, just keep browsing in the anniversary gifts section. If you need any help, just call out by clicking on the Live Help link at the right of screen, and we’ll be right with you.

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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