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Inexpensive Gifts for March Birthdays


Pandora Moonstone Ring

When most people think of inexpensive gifts, sock, ties, underwear and scented moisturizers come to mind. Jewelry is definitely not seen as an ‘inexpensive’ gift … and that is a great pity for the many guys and girls out there who could have had much more interesting gifts, for the same price paid! Today we’re busting the myth that jewelry has to be expensive to be good, just in time to buy March birthday gifts. All of our featured products will be under AU$100, and you’ll find quit a few of them that are less than AU$40! Remember that when you buy from Gilletts, many of our products ship for free no matter WHERE you are in the world. Enjoy the possibilities :-) .

Pandora Liquid Waves Silver Ring

Aquamarine White Gold Pendant

Beautiful red garnet white gold ring

Pandora Red Cotton Necklace/Bracelet

Pandora double waved grey leather and silver Pandora clasp bracelet

Pandora Dolphin Charm

Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet

Inori men’s 55cm ball chain

Mines Approved Men’s Citizen Watch – BK4070-14L – Blue Dial

The moonstone ring at right is a gorgeous, classical style product … and it also happens to belong to the Pandora ring collection, which has some of the best bargains in store! The mother of pearl section is a stunning 12mm across, and the entire ring, twisted band, crown-style prong setting and all, is made to look just as your grandmother would have loved. There are matching Pandora beads, stud and drop earrings, and a moonstone necklace that matches with this. Most of the matching products are under AU$100 also. We’d pick this for women that are born between the 1st and 2oth of March – they belong to Pisces, and the gorgeous gray that features in this ring is the signature color for Pisces.

That is also the reason we’d pick the beautiful Liquid Wave silver ring at right for Piscean girls … that and the fact that their guiding element is water, and the ring at right has a definite look of water rippling as you step through it in bare feet … delicious! It is quite a wide ring for a female design, at 7.5mm, so it is best to have her finger size measured accurately based on a 7.5mm width. The ring has several ’sister’ designs throughout the store, that can be worn alongside this one to beautiful effect.

No matter whether the loved one you are buying for this month is born under Pisces or Aries, aquamarine is her traditional birthstone. This awesome star-symbol pendant features a big 6mm aquamarine, weighing .78ct … there aren’t many gemstones where you can get that weight for less than AU$100! The base metal is 9ct white gold (nickel free), which helps keep the cost down and the style factor up. The chain is not included with the pendant, though, so unless she has a favorite chain you may need to budget a little extra.

Women born on or after the 21st of the month are under Aries, so the signature color for their birthday is red. While rubies are frequently too expensive for most people, gorgeous deep red garnets certainly are not! We love the garnet ring at right for Aries girls, with its simple, easy to wear design. The 5mm garnet is set in 9ct white gold, with a 1.5mm band – ultra slim for comfort. It is less than AU$100, and will ship to you for free no matter where you are in the world!

When talking about inexpensive birthday gifts, we would be crazy to leave out the Pandora range! The company is certainly known for quality and excellent branding, but they also have some very accessible pieces within the range. The cotton and silver necklace/bracelets like the red one at right have only recently been released – the red one displayed is aimed at Arian girls, but you can get them in whatever color you like, including gray (which is Pisces signature color). They are a full meter long and can be wrapped around the neck or wrist in a multitude of different styles … and are currently only AU$25!

The gray leather double waved bracelet is a little more expensive, but still excellent value and much cheaper than a standard Pandora sterling silver bracelet. Ideal for Piscean girls, because of the color, this is a very sturdy and earthy sort of choice. You can choose from a 35cm, 38cm or 41cm bracelet – she may want to test out the lengths with a ribbon first to ensure that it will be comfortable.

Perhaps the greatest range of inexpensive gifts in one category is to be found within the Pandora charms pages. Spacers can be bought for as little as AU$20, and standard silver beads that make up the bulk of most bracelets are only $30 each. The dolphin charm at right is a great example, and perfect for Piscean girls since their guiding element is water. However, that little dolphin is only one of 165 sterling silver charms, most of which are only $30 each. The Murano glass beads start at around $43, also.

We couldn’t possibly neglect to mention the range of men’s jewelry available, if we are thinking about inexpensive jewelry! Men’s jewelry is traditionally very inexpensive – it is mostly made of stainless steel, and simply because of style preferences, gemstones are seen only rarely. The stainless steel bracelet at right is a lovely example of the weight, quality and sturdiness you can expect from men’s jewelry, all at very low prices. It is similar to a watch band, made of textured stainless steel, and measures 21cm in length. It will also ship across the world for free!

The Inori ball chain at right is not just a base for pendants – it is a stylish stand-alone item, and very inexpensive at only AU$25 currently! The balls that make up the chain are sizeable – the chain itself is 55cm long, so you can get an idea of the individual diameter from the picture. It also has a coffee-colored Inori signature panel, but no clasp for opening, so it cannot be used with a pendant. It is made entirely of stainless steel.

It is not only fashion-type jewelry that you can get at very low prices – there is quite a selection of watches available in store for between AU$100 and AU$120. I know we broke the price ceiling a little … but when they are so close in cost, we couldn’t let them go unmentioned! The watch pictured at right is a Citizen model, approved for use in the mines. It also looks great as casual street wear, with a comfy rubber band and elegant dark blue dial. It has a screw case back and screw lock crown, and is water resistant to 100m – fine for submerging your hands in water at work if necessary.

We hope we’ve changed your mind about the cost of jewelry gifts… there really are some awesome pieces out there, at very low prices! Keep browsing in our hand-picked Gifts for Men and Gifts for Women sections – use the price slider in the blue search refinement box to limit your results displayed to those under $100 – or whatever your budget is.

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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