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November Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend


Pure Hot Diamonds ‘Avalanche’ Bracelet

No matter how sweet and loving they are, and how devoted to you, there is no excuse for taking your girlfriend for granted. And if her birthday is in November, definitely no excuse for combining her birthday gift with her Christmas gift! If this is your first November together, I’ll save you the pain and let you know that now :-) . November-born girls will either be free-spirited, adventurous, travel-bugged and spiritual Sagittarians, or intensely emotional and private Scorpios, who can be more of a tigress than a kitten between the sheets! Whether you’ve been together for a hundred years, or just a hundred days, we have some great new ideas for November-born girlfriends today.

Dragonfly Pendant by Inori

Eve Ladies’ Pendant by Inori

Pandora Amethyst Bubble Earrings

Sapphire and White Gold Pendant

Citizen Pink Dial Eco-Drive Watch

Heart Diamond White Gold Necklace

Pandora Silver Giraffe Charm

Pandora Silver Frog Charm

Pandora Silver Hippo Charm

If you are fortunate enough to be with an intensely loving Scorpio lady, at times since you met you have no doubt felt consumed by the avalanche that is her love and friendship! These women can be beautiful and overwhelming – go with the flow and celebrate that on her birthday, with the ‘Avalanche’ diamond bracelet from Hot Diamonds. This is quite a heavy bracelet, made from dozens of shard of polished sterling silver, and 6 white diamonds scattered throughout them. Your conservative Scorpio girl isn’t likely to enjoy anything too off the wall – this 19cm bracelet suits her personality beautifully, intensely designed but not odd.

If you have a beautiful Sagittarian girlfriend on your hands, you may have been drawn to her adventurous spirit … which sometimes makes her seem a bit of a tomboy! Inori brand jewelry bridges the gap between male and female, helping guys revel in their emotions, and girls put a little cheek and playfulness in their day! Your Sagittarian girl will appreciate the symbolism of the dragonfly – a gorgeous creature flying free, hovering just above the water. This dragonfly pendant is made of stainless steel with gold PVD plating, and there are two cubic zirconias for the dragonfly’s eyes. It is actually quite daintily sized, at 3.2 cm long, and ships for free to you, whether you’re in Sydney or Switzerland.

Boyfriends of Scorpio gals may have noticed that this sign is a highly sexual one! She has intense emotions, and loves to satisfy them physically. This Eve pendant by Inori suits her perfectly – cheekily reveling in her womanliness! You can get the matching Adam pendant, with the traditional male circle and arrow also with devilish little horns attached to the top. Neither of these come with their own chains, so why not take the opportunity to get matching ones in different lengths? There is a link to our chains page as you scroll past the product description once you’ve clicked through.

Sagittarian girls love a party as much as the next chick. But she needs jewelry that won’t hold her back – she hates not to feel free, and that applies to her jewelry and clothing as much as her relationship and life in general! These Pandora amethyst bubble earrings are perfect – they incorporate the signature Sagittarian color, purple, in a neatly sized huggie design that sits snugly against her earlobes. There are quite a few closely matching pieces, so if you don’t have the inspiration to think up something completely different for her Christmas gift, grab one of the ready-made options in the form of an amethyst bubble ring or necklace, or bubble spacer.

The Sagittarian gift above is from our hand-selected ‘Gift Ideas for Girlfriends’ section – a product range we put together through years of expertise in helping lost boyfriends pick something perfect from the enormous range! So is the sapphire and diamond pendant at right, which we’ve picked for Scorpio gals. These are strong, intense ladies, and the deep intense blue and undentable toughness of diamonds suits them so well! The pendant is small but packs a mighty stylistic punch, at only 1.3cm. The base is 18ct white gold, and the sapphire is a natural .36ct deep blue stone, set among fourteen genuine white diamonds. It sort of looks like a harp that you might play her a love song on … even if you haven’t a musical bone in your body, the idea will make her melt!

Sagittarian girls are looking for someone to share their adventures – why not facilitate them with a very practical, but very stylish jewelry gift? The Citizen Eco-Drive watch at right has a slick but tough design, with its simple stainless steel band and uncluttered face. She will never fear that you see her as unfeminine, though, with the sweet pink toned face. The glass is a tough sapphire crystal variant, impossible even for her to scratch, and the Eco-Drive functionality means that she’ll never have to slow down long enough to change her watch batteries … just the way she likes it!

For a Scorpio, the ultimate in romance and happiness is their wedding day. Now, there’s every chance that it’s much too early for you two to be thinking about that! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t pander to her weaknesses and buy her something gorgeous from the bridal section … she’ll appreciate the look and there is absolutely no need to tell her which category it came from! The heart diamond necklace at right is a great choice, encrusted with 37 brilliant cut white diamonds on a 9ct white gold base, to help with affordability. It has an attached white gold necklace which is 45cm long – just long enough for comfort, while still allowing her to show it off above her clothing! The stones are lovely quality, G color and Si clarity.

We might have mentioned that Sagittarian girls need somebody who’ll share their adventures and explore the world. Even if your lives aren’t quite to the jetsetting stage, you can bring that exciting and exotic feeling to her every day, with the collection of Pandora animal charms at right! These are only a few of the sweet, and very budget-friendly, silver animals that can be found in the Pandora pages. The giraffe and the frog are both all-time favorites of the range, and the hippo has been terrorizing the category with that intimidating gap-toothed grin for a few years also! They all belong in the lowest-priced category of full sized Pandora charms – currently you can pick up all three of them for less than AU$100. Bargain!

If you haven’t quite found something that expresses her personality yet, keep browsing in our hand-selected gift ideas for girlfriends pages. You could continue the safari with the rest of the Pandora animal beads, or keep looking at bridal-style jewelry for your Scorpio gal!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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