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The Gift of Time: Watches for February Birthdays


Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Watch

It would be nice if you could actually give somebody a bit of time for their birthday, wouldn’t it? “Here you go – it’s three extra Sundays. Don’t use them all up at once!”. I’d love to receive Sunday as a gift … jewelry stores might go out of business though ;-) . Fortunately, or unfortunately, the nearest we’ll get is a way of keeping track of time, and hopefully spending it more effectively. Today we are looking at some selected watches available in store that are suited to February birthdays, for either unconventional, rebellious Aquarian guys and girls, or the dreamers from heaven walking the Earth … Pisceans. Read on for some great watch tips for February born guys and girls.

Men’s Digital Fossil Watch

Fossil Women’s Black Plastic/Enamel Watch

Citizen Nurse’s Watch

Citizen Automatic See Through Mens Watch

Men’s Eco-Drive Dive Watch

DKNY Grey Leather Mother of Pearl Dial Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Gold Tone Watch

Aquarian guys won’t like the standard jewelry styles for guys … their buttons get pressed by anything that is a little different, a little unusual, and that stands out as different – like the Citizen Chronograph watch at the beginning of the article. The reverse color scheme is striking, and the watch itself comes with the famous Citizen attention to technology and detail! It has Eco-Drive functionality, a high efficiency solar system that means that replacement batteries are eliminated. The watch is 100m water resistant, so is suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but will have to be left at home for free-diving. The multitude of dials on the front of the watch are part of the Chronograph style, and include date and timer functions.

Just as striking, original, and quintessentially Aquarian is this Fossil digital watch on a brown leather band. Only those without a soul can walk past this watch without saying ‘Huh?’ … and Aquarians love that! The juxtaposition of technology and nature makes for a very unusual timepiece. The watch comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty, and is splash resistant for everyday use.

Given the Aquarian penchant for individuality, it is unsurprising that this female Aquarian recommendation actually looks like a guy’s watch! It has all the tough proportions of a men’s watch, but is sized smaller for comfort on female wrists. This watch is splash resistant, and comes with the same 2 year warranty that the men’s Fossil watches do. You can choose from a huge range of band sizes, going up in 1cm increments, to get the one that will be most comfortable for your recipient.

By virtue of its complete difference to anything that 99% of the population wears, Aquairans will also love the pocket-style nurse’s watch by Citizen at right! The watch is water resistant and made of tough stainless steel. It has a 15-pulsation reading marker which most Aquarians won’t need … but will love anyway! This is also one of Citizen’s more affordable timepieces – a nice budget friendly gift.

Piscean guys and girls take up the very end of the month, from the 18th to the 28th of February, and are generally thought to be spiritual souls, very soft, empathetic and mystical. Pisceans are interested in what lies beneath … which means this Citizen watch with a see-through back is perfect for them :-) . He’ll get to observe all the mechanical movements that go into creating a single number – the current time. The calm, uncluttered styling will appeal to his Piscean sensibilities as well. The watch is mines approved and suitable for swimming and snorkeling – just let your gish-boy know not to go too deep!

The symbol for Pisces is the conjoined fishes (don’t ask me why!), so Pisceans are supposed to be aqua-philes at heart. If you have a diving enthusiast on your hands, or even a keen snorkeler that enjoys free diving, this Citizen dive watch is perfect. As far as dive watches go, it has all the functionality you’d expect (depth sensor and memory, non-reflective coating, water sensor and stopwatch as well as 200m water resistance. However, it’s look is a lot more subtle than most dive watches – the colors manage to blend nicely into each other. The price is pretty subtle, as well! We have a special deal with Citizen that allows us to give some awesome discounts on their gear, so take advantage of it on a luxury item.

Mother of pearl is one of those essentially Piscean jewelry items – the shimmer that it has hints at something underneath, yet the stone itself is solid … it really pushes a Piscean’s mystical buttons! We love the grey mother of pearl dial DKNY watch for Pisceans for that – and also because grey is the signature color for the sign. This is a beautiful sleek piece of jewelry, splash resistant and with a manufacturer 2 year warranty.

The description above makes it easy to see why we’ve picked this gold-tone Citizen watch for Pisceans! The slim, uncluttered design, the mother of pearl dial, and the diamonds sparkling like stars against a golden sunrise all make for Piscean heaven. This isa aluxury watch – the diamonds are real, and each are handset and individually cut and graded. The watch is splash resistant (so don’t worry about her crying tears of joy all over it, thereby wrecking the gift ;-) ). You also get that awesome Citizen discount that only Gilletts customers have access to – enjoy.

We have a growing number of beautiful watches in stock, and we’ve slowly been adding brands and models from internationally renowned manufacturers. If you don’t see something perfect for your loved one here, chances are that you turn it up by browsing! Check out the rest of the range of men’s watches and women’s watches here – and happy gift-giving :-) .

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