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Domestic Bliss: Thoughtful February Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Wife


Amethyst, Pink Topaz and Diamond Pendant

It’s one of those very irrational, but un-ignorable facts of life … women don’t really like getting older! It is almost a challenge to their womanhood – in the same way men feel uncomfortable about losing physical condition because they are evolutionarily designed to be the strong protectors, women are designed to be baby-makers, and that requires youth! Even when ladies don’t want any more bubbas, the further their birth year gets from the current one, the more it adds to an underlying feeling of unease. Crazy … but often true! The least you can do is try to make each birthday a happy event, right ;-) ? Today we’re looking at some gorgeous jewelry gifts for wives born in February, to help make the aging process a happy one, rather than centered around loss.

Heart Purple Amethyst Earrings

Aquamarine and Crystal Necklace

Aquamarine White Gold Ring

Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

White Fantasia Pandora Inspiraitons Bracelet

Pandora Silver and Gold Bubbles Toe Ring

Pandora Silver, Gold and Diamond Leather Anklet

Pandora Murano Glass Blue Ribbon Charm

Amethyst is the traditional and modern birthstone for February, so amethyst is a lovely easy way to help personalize your wife’s birthday gift. The pink topaz and amethyst pendant at the beginning of the article is a popular style – probably because it represents such good value! Both amethyst and pink topaz are reasonably readily available gemstones, and so you get a good gemstone weight (1.16ct in amethysts, 0.33ct in topaz, and 0.07ct in diamonds) for a great price! The pendant is beautifully slim and delicate, measuring 33mm in length and with that dainty twined branches design behind the gemstones. The 9ct white gold helps keep things affordable, also!

Of course, if your wife is more likely to wear casual styles, the amethyst heart cut earrings at right are a better choice than the more formal pendant. These offer beautiful sizing at a great price – the stones measure 5mm across at their widest point, and the price tag is less than AU$70 currently – wow! The 9ct white gold backing is formed into a post and butterfly fitting type – and we don’t use nickel in any of our white gold products.

Some ladies just don’t get along with purple, though … despite being born in February! If your wife is born after the 18th of the month, she’s a Pisces. The gemstone traditionally associated with this sign is the aquamarine, another gem like the amethyst which can be found in beautiful clarities and color grades for amazing prices. Aquamarines have a barely–there sort of blue tinge, and as you can see by the price of the colored crystal and aquamarine necklace at right, very reasonably priced. The two big aquamarine stones at the front are complemented by the bright, sweet colored crystals around the length o the rest of the necklace chain, which is made of sterling silver. The bright colors suit almost all skin/hair/eye color combinations – just make sure that the colors don’t clash with what she tends to wear. Plenty of white or black, and parallel colors like green, pink and yellow are best.

The aquamarine ring at right is another favorite design. It almost looks like an engagement ring with a faint-away-in-shock sized diamond in the setting … just with a little different coloring! If your wife doesn’t wear her engagement ring for practical or safety reasons, this sizing and style of ring will sit neatly alongside her wedding band. You can order it in a rough finger sizing, and have it resized locally if you need to – making for a shrieking, hugging, teary-eyed surprise!

Before the 18th, Aquarius is the zodiac sign that rules February. The signature color for Aquarius is indigo, and the body part that corresponds is the ankles. While there are plenty of blue gemstones, there is only one that is truly indigo – beautiful sapphires! This pendant is one of the newer designs in store, great for wives who like to be on the cutting edge of jewelry fashion, yet still elegant and classical. The sapphires in the pendant have a combined gemstone weight of 0.6ct, and the six white diamonds together total 0.07ct. If your wife has deep, soulful blue eyes, this pendant is a great way to accent them!

For Piscean wives, born on or after the 18th of February, gray is the signature color and the feet are said to be the corresponding body part. If you want to think a little beyond sterling silver for her birthday gift, mother of pearl has a gorgeous silvery look with a high shine. We love the Pandora White Fantasia Inspirations bracelet at right for wives born late in February – this is actually one of the cheaper models of ready-made Pandora bracelets available, and you get a beautifully coordinated piece with very little thought required! Choose any size bracelet from 16cm to 23cm, and you can even change the charms around if you’re feeling creative.

The feet is the ‘corresponding’ body part for Pisceans … and if your wife happens to like wearing sandals or bare feet, that is a very happy coincidence! She can dress up any pair of fashion flip flops or sandals with a Pandora toe ring – these are made as one-size-fits-all pieces, and she can swap them round from toe to toe when she wants a change. The silver with gold bubbles toe ring pictured at right isn’t linked to any other Pandora products in particular, but if you start browsing around the range you’ll find plenty of other pieces with that silver/gold combination and the bubble design. It’s somewhat of a trademark for Pandora, so you’ll have plenty of readily coordinated future gift ideas!

We mentioned that the ankles are the ‘ruling’ or ‘corresponding’ body part for Aquarian women. If your wife’s preferences happen to coincide with the tradition, the Pandora anklet range can make for a gorgeous, well-worn and always appreciated gift. The silver, gold and diamond charm anklet on brown leather is one of the most striking combinations from the range, and very budget friendly. This model is not always in stock, so order early! If you’d like to personalize the anklet, or just give her some options, check out the rest of the Pandora charms range. We picked the blue ribbon one at right to correspond with the tradition of buying indigo for Aquarians, but there are literally thousands more charms and combinations to choose from. All will sit comfortably on the leather backing.

There are so many ideas in store guaranteed to take your wife’s mind off being a year older, and help her focus on being her own beautiful and individual self! Check out the range of February birthstone jewelry as a starting point, and you can click through any of the images here to see related products. Happy hunting … and happy gift giving!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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