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Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts by Personal Coloring: ‘Winter’ Girls


Emerald and Diamond Earrings

We talk a lot in this blog about how to choose jewelry that your loved ones will be as enthralled with, as you are with them! One of the best way to make sure that your girlfriend of wife loves her Valentine’s Day jewelry gift, is to make sure that she will look good with it on. Every woman has a different personal coloring – a combination of skin, hair and eye color that helps group her into one the ’seasons’ of the year. If you’re in love with the sparkling beauty of a winter lady, today we are looking at Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts that will suit her look perfectly.

Heart Cut Rhodolite Garnet and Diamond Pendant

Topaz and Amethyst Ring

Full Circle Endless Sapphire ring

Pandora Murano Glass Red Lava Charm

pandora Enamel Purple Butterflies Charm

‘Winter’ girls are those with very dark hair, and high contrast in their features – olive skin and sparkling blue or green eyes, or very pale skin and dark brown eyes with brunette hair. Make up artists and personal stylists will tell these women to dress in rich, bright colors with plenty of vivid intensity and contrast. The emerald and diamond earrings at the beginning of the article are a perfect example, and wonderful for winter girls with green eyes – quite a common color combination. These emerald earrings are made of 18ct yellow gold and feature two fairly large emeralds – 0.92ct combined gemstone weight. There are two fairly large diamonds topping the emeralds, making the green gemstones seem like crowned royalty … the position that your loved one no doubt takes in your heart!

Emeralds are a luxury item, though – there are other gemstones with colors just as rich and vibrant, and just as suitable for the high contrast ‘winter’ personal coloring. Garnets are a great example, with their deep red coloration that looks strikingly similar to a ruby, but a much smaller price tag. The rhodolite garnet pendant at right is perfect for brunettes with red highlights in their hair … or just for putting a little passion into your gift! The garnet is a .94ct weight gemstone, set on affordable 99ct white gold.

For cool winter girls with blue eyes and very pale skin, topazes are a brilliant choice. The ring at right teams up bright vibrant-sky topazes with rich amethysts, in a combination that is perfect for the high-contrast winter coloring. There area total of 5 amethyst and four topazes, set in a 4mm wide band. You’ll certainly have to spoil the surprise for this Valentine’s Day gift (though don’t think that means she’ll love it any less), because the ring can’t be resized due to the gemstone setting style.

If your girlfriend or wife likes her jewelry just as vivid, but a little more elegant and understated, the full circle sapphire ring at right is a lovely choice. The ring features a huge 35 sapphires in total, with a combined weight of 2.1ct – awesome! The endless full circle design harks back to that old saying: “A Ring is round, it has no end, and that’s how long I’ll be your friend”. The stones are set in 18ct white gold, making this a true luxury piece … but one your girl won’t forget in a hurry! Again, you’ll definitely need an accurate finger size.

If you want something much less expensive for Valentine’s Day (after all, love is about love, not money!), the Pandora Murano glass is another wonderful section to hunt for vibrant colored jewelry gifts for winter-complexion girls. The red and orange lava triangles Murano glass bead at right can either be added to an existing Pandora bracelet, be a reason to start a new one, or even sit all by itself on an anklet (Pandora anklets start from under $30). The patterns are made within the glass, not painted on, so they’ll never fade. Like your love for one another ;-) !

Pandora enamel beads have the brightness and vibrancy needed to make a winter-coloring girl look wonderful. The purple butterflies bead is a lovely Valentine’s gift for girls with deep brown or blue eyes and very dark hair – think a (young!) Elizabeth Taylor. These have been a very popular product and are almost always in stock, so even last minute buyers can usually get it the next business day.

Even if your girlfriend has never thought about buying jewelry based on her personal coloring before, she’ll love the results! Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year (or at least, one of several) where she should feel beautiful and special. Check out the rest of the bright colored gemstone jewelry or the Pandora Murano glass charms for Valentine’s Day for winter colored girls – and enjoy the results!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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