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Classical Jewelry Gifts for November Birthdays


Pearl and cubic zirconia pendant

We all have an image that pops up in our heads when w think of the word ‘classical’ … from Beethoven swaying away, pounding at his Steinway, wild-haired and crazy-eyed, to the fashions and norms of the early to mid 1900s, when chiffon, lace and broderie anglais were still part of a female’s everyday wardrobe (even if a cigarette in a holder was also!). When the word comes up, you probably also have one of your friends that pops to mind at the same time! The ones that ‘dress’ to come have breakfast with you, who never use bad words and always ask if they can have another biscuit from the table … the dears! Today we’re looking at gifts for the classical person – both men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry. Read on for our November favorites!

Pandora Lovepods 3-pod peridot and diamond ring

Pandora Lovepods peridot 18ct yellow gold earrings

Pandora Church Bell Pearl Charm

Pandora Cubic Zirconia Flower Ring

Cubic Zirconia Necklace

Citizen Nurse’s Watch

‘Impress’ Men’s Hot Diamonds Ring

Diamond, Black Onyx and Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks

We love the pearl and cubic zirconia pendant at the beginning of the article for women born under Scorpio … astrological ‘wisdom’ tells us that these classical women are intensely private and also intensely emotional, and tend towards the conservative in their styling. These girls love to love (and they can’t help going off the rails a little when they’re disappointed!) … so the bridal jewelry section is the perfect place to shop for them. This inexpensive pendant can be found under bridal jewelry, and features a light, bright freshwater pearl and four cubic zirconias set on sterling silver. The pendant is 3cm in length, a comfortable size to wear every day (not just to weddings!), and it will ship to you for free, no matter where in the world you are.

Sagittarius takes up the rest of the month of November, and if your classical friend is born under this sign, they’ll be a freedom loving soul, with an adventurous nature and more than a little leaning towards the spiritual. They’ll need something with a slim line design that doesn’t get in the way of their activities, and Pandora’s new Lovepods range has plenty to please these girls! We chose the peridot and diamond 3-pod ring at right for its fresh greenery (Sagittarians love greenery!), and the classical nature or the gemstones. This can be stacked with other 1-pod, 2-pod or 3-pod rings if she likes. We’d pair it up with the peridot earrings at right … their swinging, loose design makes them a ’special occasion’ piece for Sagittarians, but just that chain swaying in the breeze will give her a feeling of freedom. Both pieces are 18ct gold and ship Australia-wide for free.

Not every classical jewelry gift has to be expensive … the Pandora range is huge and very diverse, and there are plenty of classical gifts to be found for smaller budgets. The church bell silver charm at left was chosen for Sagittarains as well – these ladies often have strong spiritual inclinations, even if they aren’t practicing churchgoers. There is a neat white pearl hanging from the center of the charm – if your Sagittarian doesn’t already have a Pandora bracelet, this is an excellent excuse to start one!

The signature color for Scorpio women is black – it embodies their privacy and their intensity beautifully. While the flower Pandora ring at right doesn’t have any black gemstones, the space in the middle of the flower’s petals creates a definite color palette for the piece! It has a sparkling white cubic zirconia in the center for contrast, and there are plenty of matching pieces with the same flower motif throughout the Pandora range. Part of a classical look is being well-matched, so your elegant Scorpio will certainly appreciate this!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend … but they are more Scorpio’s best friend than any other zodiac sign’s! The intensity of shine and the amazing strength of the stone itself echo your Scorpio loved one’s own personality. This is not a diamond necklace at right, but it certainly is the next best thing – a large, brilliant cut white cubic zirconia. The stone is set in stainless steel, for excellent durability … because in the classical days, they made things to last. The necklace is a neat 45cm long, and the stone itself is 12mm in diameter. Despite the great price on this piece, it also ship for free across the world!

Your Sagittarian lady, classically-minded though she is, will often be found in strange situations and odd places, doing what she does best … having adventures! Ordinary watches aren’t appropriate in many circumstances – they get caught, jolted or knocked and can be easily damaged. The Citizen nurse’s watch at right is a classical, yet convenient solution for your Sagittarian friend. It is water-resistant and made of tough stainless steel … and if her adventures start getting too exciting, she’ll be able to take her pulse easily with the 15 pulsation multiplier guide around the face!

Back in the time of Beethoven, and even of chiffon and lace, there were just as many men around as there were women! Equally, there are just as many classically minded men around today as there are women, and plenty of beautiful gifts to be found for them throughout the range. For Sagittarian guys, ever adventuring, their jewelry can’t hold them back – this ‘Impress’ ring from Hot Diamonds is both elegant, and easy to wear. It has a solid-feeling 10mm wide band – you’ll need to have his finger size measured at a local jeweller based on a 10mm width, as a larger diameter is sometimes needed for widths over 7mm. The rhodium plating prevents tarnishing, and the three genuine white diamonds in the face add the sparkle of the stars!

Where you couldn’t keep even a classical Sagittarian male in a cocktail party for more than half an hour, Scorpio guys often thrive in the environment. Give his classical evening wear a bit of oomph (a bit more than even that ruffled cummerbund can!), with these diamond, black onyx and lapis lazuli cufflinks. Black is your Scorpio friend’s signature color, making these double suitable, with their deep, dark heading. Together, the two cufflinks have 22 genuine white diamonds encrusting their face, and a band of gorgeous striated lapis lazuli separating the diamonds from onyx … black from white!

Whether it’s a classical male jewelry gift or classical female jewelry gift you’re after this November, you can keep browsing for hand-picked ideas in the men’s jewelry gifts and women’s jewelry gifts sections. Look for older-style gemstones, sleek lines and subtle coloration to make sure that your jewelry gift truly is classical. If you need any pointers, just click on the Live Help link at the right of screen and we’ll be right beside you, helping you find the perfect gift!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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