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February Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Husband


Fossil Skeleton Watch for Aquarian Husbands

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously didn’t have a husband! Need some clarification? It isn’t that diamonds make men go weak at the knees like they do for some ladies, nor do they make them swoon into their lover’s arms! It is just that men are no more immune to the charms of a well-chosen gift than women are. Whether you have made it through 2 years of marriage, twenty or fifty, he always likes to know that he is special to you. You might as well indulge the big lug! Here we look at some ideal gifts for February born husbands … and you can let him know that swooning is optional!

Citizen Perpetual Calendar World Time Watch

Inori American Indian Pendant

Funky Cross Pendant

Men’s Body and Soul pendant

Hot Diamonds Men’s Bangle Bracelet

Hot Diamonds Men’s Hammered Pendant

Night Sky Titanium Ring

Men (and women, for that matter!) born in February will be either a free-spirited, progressive thinking, sociable and unconventional Aquarian, or an artistic, imaginative and mystical Piscean. Aquarius rules from the 1st to the 20th of the month, with Pisceans born from the 21st onwards. The unusual Fossil watch at the beginning of the article should be a great choice for an Aquarian husband, who’ll love being able to see into the inner workings of the watch. While the watch is one among several that have chosen to utilize the almost artistic precision of clockwork, this watch is the first on site to showcase it from the back as well as the front! Great for unconventional men. The watch is water resistant to 50m, and all of the parts are stainless steel, so are hard wearing and long lasting. They have a folding clasp for convenience, as well as a two year manufacturer’s warranty – and your unusual Aquarian husband will also love the unusual way this watch is powered – purely by his daily movements! The movements of his hands wind the mainspring, which will run the watch for two days when fully wound, with no additional movement. If your inventive and future oriented Aquarian guy is too caught up in his mental occupations to even put on a watch for several days, just wind it up manually and let her rip!

However, it is Piscean husbands who are more likely to need that gentle little reminder to be on time! These imaginative, almost dreamy guys can often be found lost in thought – and then found lost in thought in the same place, an hour later! Help him keep his appointments with the Citizen Perpetual Calendar World Time watch at right. Mystical Pisceans will love the feeling of being in sync with the globe, knowing what the time is all around the world. While the base is in a rose gold tone, it is actuallyt made of stainless steel for excellent wear resistance. It uses light and Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology to mean that you never need to replace the batteries – a great bonus for head-in-the -clouds Pisceans!

Although for different reasons, it is the more unusual jewelry that is likely to put some fire in the bellies of both Aquarians and Pisceans! Aquarian guys love anything that nobody else has, just needing to be different, whereas Piscean guys love something that captures the finest moments in man’s imagination … or ‘wife’s’ imagination, for that matter! This makes the American Indian Inori brand pendant perfect for either of this month’s diverse star signs, with its one of a kind mirror design. It is made of hard wearing stainless steel (so he can’t destroy the delicate engraved picture, no matter how he might try at work!), and the pendant is a nice, middling 3.5cm long. It is a stand-alone item, so you get to choose the chain that you think will suit him best – something odd, progressive, unexpected and unconventional for Aquarians, remember!

Neither Aquairan nor Pisceans are likely to have a desk job, God love their free spirits, so you can gloss over the cufflinks in your search through the handily collected Gift Ideas for Husband pages. However, the pendant range has something for everyone, no matter what his line of work. They don’t need to be worn every day, or can be hidden under clothes when they are on. And there are plenty of funky, different designs, like this freeform cross pendant for Aquarian guys. Great for a night on the town, which your sociable Aquarian husband no doubt enjoys, it is made of stainless steel and a fresh, confident 5cm in length. It is a stand-alone item, but is great value for the quality of the materials!

And you know how much the Body-Soul pendant at right will suit your Piscean husband, who cares for his spiritual health as much as he does his physical health … and your physical health too! The pendant is a dainty 3cm long, and made in stainless steel with black PVD plating. You could even afford to splash out on a bottle of good red, or a case of his favourite beer to go with this gift – the free shipping within Australia makes it an even better deal than usual! Note how ‘Soul’ underpins ‘Body’ in the pendant … a perfect representation of the Piscean way of thinking :-) .

You probably already know that your Aquarian husband likes to let his hair down among friends, being a sociable soul – so a stylish, men’s version of ‘evening wear’ jewelry is a great idea for him! Hot Diamonds has some brilliant options, including the sterling silver bangle and pendant at right. Bangles are not often seen in men’s jewelry, but this one is masculine, and unconventional enough to please your unique husband! It features two brilliant cut diamonds in the end parts of the bangle, and is a sturdy 5mm thick. The open end design means it will fit most men’s hands, however for those that like to be sure you can sneakily measure his hand against something 7cm wide and 5cm high!

The matching pendant is equally Aquarian by nature, with its free-from shaping and subtle uniqueness. It is made of sterling silver, but is rhodium plated (a metal similar to platinum), which makes it suitable for all skin types, helps prevent tarnishing, and gives the shine a bit of extra kick! The chain is included with the product, and with free shipping, what you see on the price tag is what you get – a refreshing change if you have become used to shopping on the internet!

And a little bonus suggestion for Piscean husbands that we couldn’t resist … Piscean guys can be a bit lovey-dovey (only with a suitable person, of course!), and rings appeal to their sense of loyalty and affection. The Night Sky titanium ring at right also appeals to their sense of universal mystery and the unknown, with its dusky silver-black tones. It is extremely personalizable, with alternative band widths from 3.5mm to 12.5mm available, as well as a choice of 4 different finishes, from polished to heavy satin. There is also room for an engraved message inside the band – let him know how much he means to you before you hassle him to do those dishes he’s been ignoring!

There are plenty more ideas for your deserving husband (!) in the Gift Ideas for Husbands section. This collection of products was put together with a combined several decades of experience in helping lost friends and loved ones choose birthday gifts … so if you need any pointers on the products within, or even just how to make your way around the site, just click the Live Help link at right of screen to ask us in person!

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