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March Birthday Gift Ideas for Husbands


Men’s Black Fossil Watch with Diamond

Have you only recently succeeded in sending your husbands favorite flannelette shirt, that he’s had since he was 20 and now has more holes than it does fabric, to the op shop? You know, if you just leave an empty style-space where that shirt (or football top, or pair of sneakers) used to be, it will only fill with something scarily similar and just as difficult to get rid of! If you love your husband, but are constantly searching for how to best bring out the handsome hunk you know is hiding under those flannelette layers, we’ve got your solution! Read on for our best suggestions for jewelry gifts for March born husbands … that look absolutely shocking with checks and plaid!

Foosil Silver Tone Blue Dial Watch

Men’s Slim Silver Bangle by Hot Diamonds

Men’s Diamond Silver Cufflinks

Hammered Men’s Pendant by Hot Diamonds

Enigma Dark Diamond Pendant by Hot Diamonds

Inori Black Men’s Pendant

Men’s Stainless Steel Rochet Bracelet

Aqualand Promaster Citizen Watch

Men’s Black Corded Stainless Steel Ring

Inori Circle of Love Spinning Rings

The watch at the beginning of the article is a Fossil Mechanical one, from one of our newer fashion ranges. If your husband is born on or after the 21st of March, he belongs to Aries, and is most likely a bold, energetic guy, a strong and competitive leader. He needs dramatic jewelry with bold styling, and the Fossil watch has this in spades. The dial is very spare – very bold and singular, and is accented by the strongest of all gemstones, a white diamond. It is also stronger in construction than many fashion watches, with a water resistance rating of 100m, and all stainless steel base. It comes with a two year warranty, so you needn’t worry that it won’t hold up under the lifestyle of an energetic Arian!

On the other hand, if your husband is born on or before the 20th of March, he was born under Pisces. Piscean guys are usually quite gentle, dreamy and artistic, and also love to be unique and different from the rest. The shimmering face of the blue dial watch at right is a great choice for Piscean guys, with the deep dusky tones of evening on the face. It is made entirely of stainless steel, and is water resistant. It features free shipping, and when you see the price tag, you’ll appreciate what a great deal that is!

Look for delicacy and slender lines in other jewelry for your Piscean guy also, like in the Hot Diamonds bangle at right. This sterling silver bangle is set with two genuine white diamonds in either end (an unusual setting, for men who like to be unique!), and the base metal is rhodium plated to be compatible with all skin types, and also improve durability and shine. It is smaller than other men’s bangles, but the side opening makes it easy to slip on and off for most size wrists.

The Hot Diamonds range is extensive, and most pieces eihtin it are suited to Piscean sensibilities. The cufflinks at right are a perfect match for the bracelet (although he probably won’t be wearing both pieces at the same time!), with their slim pure silver tones and diamonds set in the end of the piece, rather than the face. The cufflinks actually feature four brilliant cut genuine diamonds, and these are also rhodium plated.

And for more casual times for Piscean guys, the Hammered pendant from Hot Diamonds is an excellent choice. The slight offset of the shape makes it unusual among regular, conventional men’s jewelry. The ball style chain is included, and makes a nice design parallel with the round white diamond inset. It is 50cm long, so can be hidden under his shirt, and he can wear it every day … like a style guide!

The Hot Diamonds range also has something for Arian guys – we love the Impress pendant, for its darker metal, bold square shaping and strong vertical lines. Again, the sterling silver has been rhodium plated, and the pendant comes with a 50cm chain, so there are no hidden expense with this gift. Not even shipping!

But for something stronger, bolder and more dramatic, the black Inori pendant at right is an excellent choice. It has strong, straight lines and dramatic colors, offset by the asymmetrical accent rings at the top. It is a nice middling 3.5cm, and made of stainless steel with black PVD plating … you’ll have to double-dare your Arian husband to be able to scratch that!

The stainless steel bracelet by Rochet at right is also perfect for Arians, with its bold, straightforward linear style. Rochet usually include lovely cool ceramic sections with their stainless steel jewelry … helping calm down your fiery husband! The bracelet weighs a reassuring, heavy-duty 40.5 grams, and at 23cm is well sized for almost all male wrists.

You know how energetic your Arian husband is (I’m a fireball, baby! I’m gonna burn for you-hoo!), so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the signature color for his zodiac sign is red. The Citizen Promaster Aqualand Diving watch at right is not only one of our jewelry pieces that makes best use of this energetic masculine color, but the functionality is amazing and will suit sports loving Aries guys wonderfully. He’ll never have to replace the batteries, and it has an auto diving mode, a depth sensor to 100m, as well as being 200m water resistant and diving approved. You also get some very convincing discounts on Citizen products through Gilletts … check them out!

There is nothing much in this world that is physically stronger than steel cable … and this black corded stainless steel ring celebrates your husband’s similarity to that material! It is 10mm wide, heavy and beautiful quality. Just make sure you get him to sit still long enough that you get an accurate finger measurement, based on 10mm width – stainless steel can’t be resized.

Piscean guys though, are more interested in their dreams, hopes, and spiritual side … and love is one of the most fascinating expressions of the spirit for them. The Inori Circle of Love ring would be cheesy to Aries guys, but for Pisces, it sums up everything about life that makes it worth living! The center section spins and moves, just like a nice dynamic relationship, and the 8mm wide band will suit his gentle delicacy better than a wider one.

You should have some excellent starting points by now for creating a whole new look for your hubby … and hopefully ones which entrance and excite him just as much as they do you! If you want to have a browse through the remaining hundreds of products, the Gift Ideas for Husbands section is a great place to start. We have handpicked a selection of our most commonly gifted items for Husbands, and if you’d like to ask any questions about the range you can reach us in an instant, through the Live Help link.

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