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Race Away With Fast Father’s Day Gifts


Rochet Piston Style Pendant

Today we are looking at Father’s Day gifts for those Dads that never grew out of their boyhood dream of being a racecar driver, bless their fireproof coveralls :-) . If your Dad was the sort that used to love spinning the wheels a little when it had rained, going a little too fast into a corner and a little wobbly on the way out, and sometimes murmured the name of his car when he fell asleep on the couch, we’ve got some awesome Father’s Day gifts for you!

Rochet MotoGP Suspension Style Pendant

Rochet Nicky Hayden ‘Kentucky Kid’ Pendant

Inori Brand Gearwheel Pendant

In The Mix Screw Style Men’s Pendant

Wenger Commando Racing Team Men’s Swiss Watch

Black Rainbow ‘Oil Slick’ Titanium RIng

Men’s Screw Design Titanium Ring

You’ll find plenty of inspiration in the tough, mechanically minded Rochet range for Father’s Day, if you have a grease monkey Dad. The piston-style pendant at the beginning of the article is perfect – what better part of a car to idolize than the driving force, the thing that makes it so fast, dangerous and therefore exciting?! Ceramic is quite a prevalent material in cars nowadays, with its unique properties, and the pendant utilizes ceramic in between the stainless steel sections. The rubber cable pictured is included with the pendant, so there are no hidden extras.

Rochet also took account of the ‘handling’ of their jewelry range when they came up with this suspension-style pendant as part of the MotoGP range! Your Dad can go even faster around corners with this on (or will at least believe he can!). The pendant itself is made entirely out of tough, durable stainless steel, with the suspension areas coated in black PVD. The pendant is slightly larger than normal, at 4cm long, and ships for free across the entire world!

There are also plenty of more subtle choices for g-force obsessed fathers. The Nicky Hayden ‘Kentucky Kid’ pendant at right is a great example, with its traditional men’s pendant shape and dark and dramatic face. Nicky Hayden’s signature appears on the back of the pendant – and it even has speed holes, to improve wind resistance! The necklace pictured is a uniquely patterned stainless steel type, made with alternating balls and bars. It comes free with the necklace, and shipping is free no matter where you live in the world. SO what you see on the price tag for this one, is what you get!

Inori is a Japanese range of jewelry with a contemporary, clean look and stainless steel bases. The gearwheel pendant at right is one of our most popular pieces from the range, among both petrol-heads and the uninterested. It has a lovely abstract design – although the purpose will be immediately apparent to anyone with a mechanical background! Like most of the male-designed jewelry in the Inori range, this is one of the slightly larger pieces, at 4.5cm in diameter. It is made entirely of stainless steel, and is extremely budget friendly.

Inori has a wide range of simple yet eclectic designs, and this screw style pendant is another that will really rev up car-loving Dads! Like the rest of the Inori range, it is made of stainless steel; the black part is PVD coated. This is a slightly more compact pendant than most, and is great when your Dad might be wearing his present to work. The pendant itself is 3.5cm long, and is a stand-alone item which can easily be popped on an existing favorite chain.

Swiss Army knives are known to all little boys, from elementary school age, when they start feeling all grown-up carrying them to school or using them in boy scouts. Wenger is the maker of original Swiss Army knives, and they’ve put exactly the same devotion to durability and multi-functionality into their watches as into their knives. This model is from the ‘Racing Team’ range, and features a tachymeter (means of calculating speed), as well as 100m water resistance, a slide rule and Swiss quartz movement among other things. The model also comes in silver and black with stainless steel bands.

When your Dad comes out from under the bonnet and into the real world, it is good to have a gift that both represents his passion and looks stylish – which is why we love the black rainbow titanium ring at right for motor-crazed fathers. The titanium effect looks exactly like an oil slick on a road. The band is a comfortable 7mm wide, and you can choose the finish for your Dad as well as engraving a Father’s Day message if you like!

Titanium is one of the strongest materials known to man – and strength is important when you demand the most out of your machinery! And, ahem, your jewelry ;-) . This screw style titanium ring is a great match for Inori pendant pictured above. This is also 7mm wide (a comfortable width for most men), and you have up to 18 characters that can be engraved for free.

So before you wander down to your local auto-care center and grab a gift voucher, why not get something that represents his passion, but allows a lot more flexibility and better usage. If you need any help finding Father’s Day gifts, just click on the Live Help link at the right of screen and we’ll come ‘racing’ out to help you!

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