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Nomination Links for March Birthdays


Aquamarine Oval Link

If you are a little lost for a gift idea for a friend or loved one this March, then you have stumbled upon just the people to help! Nomination bracelets are an affordable gift (with blank ones starting from just $16), that also gives you gift ideas well into the future. Their sleek and modern look makes them suitable as gifts for both women and men, with just a little thought for stylistic differences. Or, if you have already given a nomination bracelet as a stylish and sophisticated present, then we are here to help you decide which links to add for the lucky March birthday-ee!

Of course, you can have a lot of fun just trawling through all of the available, handily categorized nomination links on the site. But if you have no idea where to start, then go with the only that you definitely know about the recipient – that they are born in March! This means that a) Their birthstone is the aquamarine, and b) They are either a Pisces or an Aries in the Western zodiac calendar … giving you invaluable inside information about the workings of their minds!

The easiest way to decide on a new nomination link is to go by birthstone. The march birthstone is the aquamarine, which is quite a unisex color. Aquamarines are a very, very pale blue – in fact they are almost clear, with a barely perceptible hint of sky. Links featuring aquamarines are available in the natural semiprecious stones section, in both oval or round shapes. The oval stone is pictured at the beginning of the article. If the natural hard stones are more likely to be appreciated by your March birthday recipient (or if you prefer the heart shaped stone links, which are only available in the hard stones), then the white opal or the mother of pearl links are quite similar in colour to the March birthstone, the aquamarine. The heart shaped stones are a beautiful and outstanding choice for a March birthday girl – the white opal link is pictured here.

Heart shaped White Opal link

However, if you actually had that brilliant birthstone idea on a previous birthday or Christmas occasion (!), you’ll have to reach just a little deeper for ideas. If your friend or loved one is born before the 21st of March, they are a Pisces, on or after the 21st, they are an Aries. Where Pisces people are usually imaginative, artistic and spiritual, Aries people are quite often energetic, impassioned, competitive and natural leaders. And this information can help you decide on one or more links!

Michaelangelo’s Hands Link

The spiritual and compassionate Pisces is likely to enjoy this Michaelangelo’s hands link, in the relief section of the gold category on the left of the page. There is also a Madonna and Child link in this section that is touching, and well suited to female Pisceans. You will also find a lot of great gift idea for Pisceans in the love section of the gold category.

Skier Link

If you are looking for a birthday gift fro an Aries, a good place to start is the sports section of the enamel category of nomination links. Competitive Arians most likely play a sport for fun already – and there is a huge range of sports pictured! All of these links are colorful and lively, for energetic Arians that resist fading into the shadows. The skier pictured is a great example, but there are a total of 26 sports links to choose from …

Wine goblet link

Other ideas for your Aries friend are sure to be had just by trawling through the category names on the left hand side menu. Check out the ‘fun’ category of the enamel section – as you would well know, Arians are always up for something to do, and some fun is always to be had with them around! This wine goblet link is just a ’sip’ of what you’ll find in the ‘fun’ category :-)

Cubic zirconia horse shoe link

If you are looking for a nomination link for a male friend or loved one, then you can probably safely leave the enamel section now! Most of these links are colorful – and while that is of course a good thing, men’s jewelry is traditionally quite understated and in shades rather than colors. The cubic zirconia category has plenty of great options for men’s links – understated in tone, but with a great range of symbols. This horse shoe with cubic zirconias link would be great for the spiritual (and sometimes superstitious!) Piscean man.

Have fun browsing, and if you need any help with products, ordering, or the site, feel free to contact us via the live help link on the right side of every page.

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