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Can Pandora clips be used to stop charms from falling off the bracelet?

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The clips, or fixed beads as are they are now called by Pandora, are designed to fit on 2 specific positions on the Pandora bracelet.

About 1/3 of the way along the bracelet from each end you’ll see a little screw notch on the Pandora bracelet.

The Pandora clips(fixed beads) are designed to be clipped over the top of those notches. They hold there in place, and stop the charms from the centre section moving to the ends of the bracelet.

If you are concerned about charms coming off the bracelet when you take the bracelet off – a safety chain will be a better option. Or the use of a safety chain and clips.

With a safety chain, the full circle loop of the bracelet is always kept intact, so it’s not possible for a charm to accidently fall off the bracelet.

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  1. Joan B. Marcelynas Says:

    where do I buy the clips that hold Pandora beads/charms in one section of the bracelet?

  2. Sharon Wild Says:

    The Pandora clips are now called ‘Fixed beads’ or ‘Fixed charms’. You will see them in the Pandora section of the Gillett’s Jewellers web site by clicking on the Fixed charms section.

    Gillett’s Jewellers are able to deliver Pandora jewellery anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.



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