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Classical June Jewelry Gifts – for the ‘Oil Paintings’ in Your Life!


Amethyst signity white gold ring

If you’re much like me, you could probably say that you’re ‘no oil painting’ ;-) ! That’s completely fine – everybody has something to set them apart from everyone else, and real beauty is on the inside. However, you may have a friend that really can be described as a Michelangelo, in every sense! Real looking, but absolutely classical. Jewelry makes a great gift for these gorgeous, beautifully groomed men and women … but what pieces to get? We have a look at some of our new faves for classical jewelry gifts.

Silver and 18ct Half Hoop Earrings

Citizen Ladies Diamond Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Men’s Multi-Dial Watch

Nova 6.5mm Titanium and Gold Ring

Pandora Mix n Match Carnelian Earrings

Pandora Chalcedony Earring Attachments

Pandora Silver Flower Earring Hooks

Pandora Mix n Match Citrine Hoop Attachments

When we are looking for classical style jewelry, we try to find clean, uncluttered and uncomplicated lines. We look for a combination of only two or three elements, as well as an antique or traditional bias in the stones and metals used.

The signity range has been especially popular lately- its sleek lines have the ability to make any gem look like it is worth a million dollars. The amethyst signity ring at the beginning of the article has the deep royal and classical purple colored stones set in clean white gold. The band is a nice middling 4mm wide, and one of the most convenient features of this particular ring is the fact that the design is especially easy to resize. If you’d rather keep your classical June birthday gift a secret (and then give them a joyful heart attack on the day!), signity rings are a great choice.

If you travel a little further back through the stylistic time warp, you’ll find jewelry pieces like the unique silver and 18ct earrings at right the echo the intricate architecture of times well before what we’d recognize as civilization … the swirls and curlicues remind us of Roman entrance ways and Phoenician royalty! The half hoop style is comfortable and light, and the earrings themselves are a mid-sized 20mm long. The gold used is 18ct yellow gold, set on sterling silver.

The combination of silver and gold really takes you back – people were not always as affluent as they are now, and making things completely from gold was almost unheard of! Gold accents were a favored way to add a bit of class. It is not only the gold accents that lift this Citizen Eco-Drive ladies watch out of the realms of the ordinary, into those of the classical, but also the 24 sparkling genuine diamonds set along the sides of the bezel. The dial is mother of pearl, in homage to the June birthstone (which is the actual pearl!). It incorporates Citizen Eco-Drive technology (no need to change batteries), and comes with a generous 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. The most impressive feature though, is a 40% discount off recommended retail price currently!

Citizen is actually well-known for their classical style in timekeeping, combined with state of the art behind the scenes technology. They also have some beautiful classical gifts for men this June – the mutli-dial men’s watch shown is a new model. While it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some watches, it is expertly constructed, comes with an additional calendar function and is water resistant to 100m. So despite its appearance, it is safe to take swimming! There is a 3 year warranty and free shipping on this product, as well as a great discount off RRP.

Titanium may be a fairly recent addition to the jewelry scene, but the range of titanium rings in store has one of the most classical personalities of any of our ranges. The polished Nova 6.5mm titanium and gold ring at right is a lovely example, and comes with a good selection of the customization options for titanium rings. For classical men this June, you’ll probably want to order it pretty close to the way it is pictured, but you do have a choice of titanium color, gold stripe color, band width as well as ring size, depth of satin finish on the band, as well as the option to engrave a message inside.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming a new range into the store this month that has expanded your options for classical birthday gifts enormously – the Pandora Mix n Match earring range. Pandora is famous for the personalizability of their jewelry, and they’ve now extended the concept to their earrings! You choose a hook style and an attachment style to suit you, with the attachments sliding simply onto the hooks before you put them on.

The carnelian attachments at right show Pandora’ skill in combining unusual and traditional style gems into gorgeous jewelry for a modern age. Carnelian isn’t often seen nowadays – but it certainly has a classical feel! These attachments are set on sterling silver and measure 1.7cm in length.

In a similar style, but with a classical type of stone that creates a completely different feel, are the chalcedony earrings at right. The chalcedony stone is a similar size to the piece of carnelian in the previous attachments, but set in a sweet cradle of sterling silver that takes the total length out to around 2.5cm. For either of the attachments shown at right, we love the flower hooks below them … although there are around ten different styles of hook altogether.

Then, as we were on our way out of the Pandora Mix n Match door, we found some eclectically elegant citrine hoop earring attachments that we simply couldn’t leave out of this month’s classical list! With their clean lines and simple style, they are the perfect evening wear choice for classical chicks. The hoop is around 2.9cm in diameter, and you can get this style with black onyx stones also.

With the addition of a few new ranges and products this month, the selection of classical style jewelry in store at the moment is exciting and amazing! If you haven’t found the perfect piece, keep browsing now in either the gift ideas for women, gift ideas for men, or the Pandora Mix n Match earrings categories. Look for simple styles, clean lines and traditional gems and you are halfway to a winning birthday gift!

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