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Inexpensive Gifts for February Birthdays


Citizen Two Tone Ladies Watch

Do you remember your mother saying to you when you were a child, “It’s the thought that counts!” . She would say this especially often around Christmas and birthday time, when you got several knitted jumpers, pairs of socks and indefinable desk ornaments as gifts instead of what you really wanted ;-) . However, we only appreciate the truth of Mom’s wisdom when we are older, and it is only when you discover jewelry as a birthday gift that you realize that if you put enough thought in, there are inexpensive gifts out there for everybody … that will be loved and treasured just as much as the more expensive things. Here we look at our top picks for February gifts under $100 – as well as some tips for finding your own.

Pink Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Quartz Leather Men’s Watch

Peacock Blue Pearl Earrings

Hot Diamonds Singular Diamond Heart Earrings

Purple-Black Butterfly Earrings

Inori Children’s Bangle

Men’s Black and Silver Stainless Steel Bracelet

Pandora Fully Oxidized Bracelet with Silver Clasp

Giraffe Ready Made Pandora Bracelet

Baby Gift Pandora Ready Made Bracelet

Inori Brand Arabesque Men’s Pendant

Luckily for you, if you are buying a gift for someone special who was born in February, they will either be an Aquarius or Pisces, and neither of these starsigns could give two figs about what a gift cost. Aquarians (born 1st to 20th of February) care more about whether a gift is unusual, and different to what everybody else has – they are rebellious souls, searching for individuality, and are also quite sociable creatures. Pisceans, born after the 21st, are dreamier, more spiritual and love pondering the mysteries of the universe. They are very artistic, gentle and compassionate.

For Pisceans, we have been recommending the Citizen watch shown at the beginning of the article, which is currently on special for *well* under AU$100. Gilletts actually has a special arrangement with Citizen, and you will often see heavy discounts off the RRP of Citizen products in our range – so even at normal selling price for us, this watch is well under that magical three figure mark. The band is two-tone stainless steel, so it is incredibly wear resistant, and the mother of pearl dial gives it a lunar look that mystical, universe-attuned Pisceans will love! It is water resistant, and in addition to the excellent price, it is available with free shipping across Australia – no hidden extras!

In fact, watches are something you would expect to get for under AU$100 (especially not ones with any reliability, and certainly not brand names), but there is quite a selection of them in store currently. The pink Citizen Eco-Drive watch shown is one of our favorites for Aquarians, who love things a bit different, a bit unusual, and very unconventional! The Citizen watch at right features not only a stand-out hot pink leather strap, but a dial off which the numbers seem to melt into the corners, like a Salvador Dali painting – not at all like the usual exacting precision that watches are designed with! But however unusual the dial looks, the watch itself keeps time perfectly, up to Citizen’s impeccable standards. It also does this without the use of batteries, using the power of light and movement together in Eco-Drive technology. The cell can store enough energy to power the watch for five years – so there is never a need to wind it. All Eco-Drive products have a five-year manufacturer’s warranty – you get guaranteed quality at an excellent price.

There are also inexpensive men’s watch options as well – quite a few at the moment, but one that is regularly priced under AU$100 currently is the quartz men’s leather band watch at right. We picked this for Piscean guys, for its dark, contrasting, stars-against-the-night-sky look. The leather band has a lovely natural texturing, and the watch itself has a lovely three year warranty! So you are not just giving a gift for this birthday, but giving the gift of freedom from extra bills, for the next three birthdays!

Earrings are another favorite for inexpensive gift shoppers – many women have dozens of pairs of earrings in regular rotation, needing ones that will match with different outfits, some for evening and some for day wear, etc. Earrings are also a nice, not-too-personal jewelry gift for people like sisters in law, platonic friends, and cousins. You will also find an amazing range of them … there are currently 236 pairs that are under $75! Just a side note, before we get into our picks – given that these posts will stay up for a while, please be aware that you might be reading this in the ‘wrong’ February … and just have a squiz at the current price before you check your stash under the mattress and make your mind up – prices do change sometimes.

The range of pearl button earrings has some excellent choices for Aquarians, including the 8.5mm peacock blue numbers that are at right. Pearls can now be reliably made to almost any color, and we stock cream-apricot, baby pink, silver-grey, purple, and golden canary colored pearl post and butterfly earrings as well as the standard black and white. The blue ones pictured are especially fitting for Aquarians as electric blue is the signature color of their starsign. The pair at right are each 8.5mm in diameter, but they come in a range of sizes – there are currently around five different sizes for these. And the pair pictured could currently be bought three times over, for under AU$100!

There are literally hundreds of inexpensive earrings options, but perhaps the most stunning are the pair of genuine white diamond earrings that are below AU$100. Hot Diamonds makes a great range of sterling silver jewelry for both ladies and men that features sweet and simple sparkling white diamonds. The ones in these sterling silver earrings are around 1.5mm in diameter, and the earrings themselves have been rhodium plated for better shine, durability and versatility. Part of the dreamy, mystical Piscean psyche is a fascination with love, so these are perfect for Piscean girls of all ages!

And we couldn’t go past the purple and black butterfly earrings shown, for Aquarians this month. The purple color echoes the tones of February’s birthstone, the amethyst, and the very unusual earrings have a petite design that both hugs the ears and dangles from it – difficult to describe, but that is how your Aquarian girl likes it! The tops of the wings are cut away and framed with cubic zirconias in a very unconventional design element. These will not be going over AU$100 any time soon, either.

When you are buying jewelry for children, you want to make it special … but not so special that they’ll be in enormous trouble if they damage it, or it is misplaced in the excitement of daily life! The heart bangle by Inori pictured is a lovely, inexpensive option for kids. Jewelry is just as good a choice for kids gifts as for adults – something that they can keep and treasure all their lives. This bangle is hard-wearing (kid-safe!) stainless steel, with gold PVD plating to make the hearts, and measures 5cm in diameter.

Similarly, you really shouldn’t overlook giving jewelry to men, just in case they damage it, or it gets misplaced in the excitement of their daily lives ;-) . The stainless steel bracelet with black stainless steel highlights pretty much cannot be scratched … apart from by those most determined to! It is 21cm in length, however a link can easily be removed to shorten the length to 18.5cm, with the two sizing options covering most men’s wrists. The stand-out width of the bracelet, as well as the fact that bracelets are quite an unconventional jewelry item for men (although we are working on that!), makes this a perfect Aquarian present.

Another beautiful, and surprisingly inexpensive bracelet option for Christmas gifts is the Pandora range. Of course, a full bracelet or necklace can be worth thousands … but Rome was not built in a day, and charms are really made much more special by giving one at a time. This helps associate them with particular events and build the history of the Pandora bracelet – one of its most appealing aspects. There are plenty of ideas for charms for February birthdays in our Perfect Pandora Present for February Birthdays article this month, but if you are starting a bracelet for a special lady, you’ll need one of these first! The fully oxidized bracelet at right is perfect for Aquarians – it is the exact opposite of how ordinary bracelets look :-) . These are available in one centimeter intervals, from 17cm to 23cm, and are also available for an extra cost in 40, 42, 45 or 50cm necklace forms.

If you’d even like to break that symbolic AU$100 barrier, just slightly (!), you can get a single-bead Ready-Made Inspirations bracelet from the new and ever-expanding collection. The Giraffe Gift bracelet is a sweet, odd and unexpected present, perfect for Aquairan girls, while Pisceans will pander to the baby gift bracelet … the mystery of life’s creation is always a fascinating subject for these mystical chicks :-) . These are only slightly over that AU$100 mark, and in fact there are scores of different beads that you could pop on a bracelet yourself for the same price – check out the very well priced Silver Beads Collection.

And just a little bonus for guys, because there is such a great range of men’s jewelry gifts that won’t break the bank – the Inori Arabesque men’s pendant shown is a perfect Piscean gift, with its gentle, artistic swirls, and a sparkling cubic zirconia set in the center. It is made of stainless steel, and is a delicate 2.7cm long. It is a stand alone item, so you can choose whatever size, length and base metal of chain you think will suit both the pendant, and your Piscean man, best!

If you’d like to keep browsing yourself, the best way to see a large range of gifts for under AU$100 (or indeed, whatever your budget is … there are actually plenty of gifts under AU$50 also), is top use the Shop by Type section from the left hand menu. Open a tab with each of the main jewelry types (pendant, earrings, bracelet etc) for the ‘gender’ of jewelry you are looking for, and use the price slider tab in the blue product search box to refine your results to those within your budget. If you have any trouble locating gifts, just click the Live Help link at the right of screen (when you are in the shop area), and we can walk you through it!

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