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Perfect Pandora Gifts for February Birthdays


Pandora Ready Made ‘My Children’ bracelet

Pandora is a range that truly has something for everyone – which is lucky, otherwise we couldn’t write an article on perfect gifts within one range, for two of the most dissimilar signs in the zodiac! If you have a birthday gift to search for this February, it will either be for an unconventional Aquarian or dreamy Piscean, and Pandora has plenty to offer either of them. Here we look at our top picks for February birthdays from the sometimes classical sometimes modern, half-sweet half-spicy, quirky yet Mom-worthy, and always individual Pandora range!

Blue Odyssey Ready Made Pandora Bracelet

Pandora Lime Amethyst Dangle Charm

Pandora Green Sapphire and Green Amethyst Charm

Pandora Amethyst Love Knot Bracelet Charm

Pandora Pink Zirconia Handbag Charm

Pandora Hippo Bracelet Charm

Pandora Swan Bracelet Charm

Pandora Gold Snake Bracelet Charm

Pandora Gold Flowers Outline Spacer

Pandora Wavy Groove Spacer

The Pandora range is unique – seeing different pieces together, they have an unmistakable unity, yet there are different flavors within that to suit every different ‘taste’! Sort of the way that everybody loves Dairy Bell … but your kid sister will always order rainbow swirl, Mom always gets tiramisu, and Dad will just have a plain small vanilla, thanks! Pandora also recently expanded their range of jewelry to include earrings, necklaces (that aren’t made up of their signature charms), and rings.

And one of the newest additions to the Pandora family is the ready made bracelet section, where you’ll find the Piscean present shown at the beginning of the article! Pisceans are dreamy, mystical people … and while there is plenty of gritty, stinky, goopy day-to-day stuff, it is hard to argue with the fact that children are one of the most mystical and dreamy things around! Of course, while this ready-made inspirations bracelet comes with a boy and girl charm either side of the love heart in the center, you can quite easily change the quantities of boys and girls in your little -wrist-family gift during checkout – click the ‘Remove Charm’ button if your friend is lucky enough not to know the mud and guts of little boys, or the tears and sensitivity of little girls! You can also increase the quantity of either of the lovable sexes (!) by changing the number in the quantity box. This is a perfect gift for just about any lady in your life, from Moms to sisters to wives, as it is one of the most reasonably priced Inspirations bracelets in the collection.

For Aquarians, you’ll want to get something utterly different – these are unconventional, rebellious characters, and they value freedom and individuality. If you don’t trust your own jewelry matching instincts, though (exactly what color is ‘teal’? And what is the difference between Murano and regular glass? And just who decides what jewelry is classical style and what isn’t?!!!), the Ready Made Inspirations section is still a great place to shop. Just go for the more unusual, asymmetrical collections of charms, like the Blue Odyssey bracelet shown above. An eclectic combination of gems and glass, spring and winter styling, different materials and sizes makes this a very individual bracelet. Pandora says it is dedicated to the mix of life’s treasures – and this is exactly what your Aquarian girl is in the rest of her life, no doubt!

But by far the most popular item in the Pandora collection, and the original source of its fame, are its beautiful, individual charm bracelets. There is a range of charms for these numbering in the thousands … lucky we are here to help you sift through them! For unconventional Aquarians, the lime quartz dangle charm, and the green sapphire and green amethyst dangle charms shown not only incorporate the birthstone for February, but do it in an individual and unusual way! Amethyst is actually purple quartz, and the lime version is simply another variant of the wonderful softly refractive purple stone. While the lime quartz dangle is affordable and suitable for all, the sapphire and amethyst charm is a luxury item, set on Pandora’ trademark 14ct yellow gold.

While Aquarians look for anything that stands out as unique, Pisceans don’t really mind … they look for a bit of mystery, depth and soulfulness to match their dreamy, spiritual nature. Purple amethysts are great for them, and the love knot design with a purple amethyst shown is great for the magical fairies of the zodiac! The amethyst is actually set within a 14ct yellow gold base, although most of the charm is sterling silver. This keeps it quite affordable, while making sure the deep color of the amethyst is accented to the best it can be.

Staying within the gemstone charms section, the pink handbag is a great choice for Aquarians. Rather than the very standard type of charm, that features nondescript symbols and easily coordinated designs, the matronly kitsch-ness of the handbag and its definitive look stand out from the pack. It is one of the lower priced charms in the range, affordable yet very cute!

For Aquarians, there are also plenty of very individual and cute options within the animal range … giraffes that look more like couch potatoes in desperate need of a diet, turtles that get stuck on their bellies as well as their backs, dragons that probably couldn’t scare a (jumpy!) baby, and penguins that are proud of their stiffly formal waiter-like looks are some of the personality-filled choices in this section! However, Aquarians love the unusual – so why not celebrate the ugly in animals, rather than the boring old cute! Pandora even manages to make awkwardness somehow appealing, with charms like the gaping-maw hippo shown at right, and the swan who doesn’t seem to have graduated from ugly duckling status just below him! Both of these guys are simple sterling silver pieces, and as such as are at the bottom of the price range for Pandora charms (excluding spacers) … why not grab both?! The awkward animals will at least have a friend among all of the other beads of your Aquarian’s bracelet, then ;-)

The animal range also has options for the Piscean – in many traditions excluding the standard, accepted Judeo-Christian one, the snake is actually seen as a positive symbol of potency, confidence and self-awareness. The gold snake charm is a great choice for Pisceans, who are inward looking and very spiritual. This particular charm is a luxury choice, in 14ct gold, but there is also a much more budget friendly sterling silver version that is exactly the same shape.

Spacers are a great idea on any Pandora bracelet – they are much less expensive than regular charms, due to a simple shape and relatively small amount of materials. But don’t think your Aquarian girl will be thrilled with anything that everybody else has, whether it is simply for spacing or not! The gold flowers spacer is a great option for Aquarians, with its unusual, back and forth rolling rhythm and wire-outline design.

And for Pisceans, the wavy groove spacer is a great way to allow the more special, individual beads to stand out. These mystical ladies will love the free flowing design, which is reminiscent of waves on the ocean, a water sign’s favorite habitat! These wavy groove spacers are the least expensive items in the Pandora catalogue, and a great way to help fill space on a Pandora bracelet that is in the process of being built.

The Pandora range truly has something for everybody, with literally thousands of different products. So if you haven’t found the precise, perfect gift for your daringly different Aquarian or dreamy dalliance of a Piscean, don’t worry – it does exist! Just keep browsing through the Pandora pages – for Aquarians, especially check out the Gold Pandora beads and the Animals beads sections, while Pisceans will adore many treasures within the Silver Beads category. And if you have any trouble, we are right behind the Live Help graphic on the right hand side of every page – a little squished, but ready to be of assistance!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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