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Perfect Pandora Gifts for Gemini Girls


Pandora Yellow Enamel Bead – for optimistic Geminis

Gemini girls are the true social butterflies of the zodiac – making a Pandora bracelet the perfect candidate for their Christmas gift! Pandora bracelets can change their personalities with nothing but a little time and some spare charms, just like the dualistic and adaptable Gemini girl can. There are hundreds of designs to be combined in new and unusual ways, as well as charms that are imaginative and creative in their own right- another aspect which suits imaginative Geminis beautifully. Most of all, they are the perfect complement to any outfit (quite literally, as they can be changed to complement any color or style!), which is a must for outgoing, sociable Gemini gals! So which exact beads are best for these energetic, whimsical, imaginative, entertaining lives of the party? We have selected some of the best.

Pandora Yellow Flower Necklace

Pandora Orange Butterflies Enamel Charm

Pandora Sunshine Inspirations Bracelet

Pandora Mystique Inspiration Bracelet

Pandora Hanging Stiletto Charm

Pandora Teacup Charm

Pandora Horse Charm

Pandora Free-Flying Dove Charm

Pandora Silver Penguin Charm

Pandora Pearl Birthstone Charm

Pandora Peridot Wrap Charm

Pandora Peridot Birthstone Charm

Pandora Yellow CZ Dangle Charm

Pandora Yellow Charm with Orange flowers

Gemini is represented by the twins in the zodiac – and just like their symbol, these girls are a party unto themselves! They love talking and having company – a twin wouldn’t feel comfortable by herself, after all. Geminis are known as very creative souls, with great imaginations, and are also quite whimsical, loving anything cute or unusual. They are optimistic people, and also very charming – it is this last quality that makes the bright, optimistic tones of the yellow enamel bead at the beginning of the article one of the perfect charms for Geminis. Yellow is essentially a happy, bright color, and the openness of the flower design makes for a vibrant, energetic springtime atmosphere. You can match these yellow charms up with their sister beads in lime green or vibrant orange – or also choose the butterfly design seen at right, just as aligned with the vivid Gemini personality as the flower bead, in lime green or orange. You can also match them perfectly with the other yellow flower jewelry elsewhere in the Pandora range – like the necklace shown at right.

Geminis love imaginative, energetic designs, and there are some great ready-made bracelets in this style in our new Inspirations section. Even if you would rather start a Pandora bracelet for your Gemini girl from scratch, in her own personal style, this is a great section to check over for, well, inspiration! You’ll see that both the orange butterfly enamel beads and the green ones are made into ‘inspiration’ bracelets, but perhaps one of the best for Gemini girls is the ‘Sunshine’ bracelet shown at right. This incorporates both the bright noonday yellow and the tepid afternoon orange of sunshine, and gels beautifully with a Gemini’s sense of energy and adventure. Yellow is actually Gemini’s signature color, making this an even more appropriate choice.

Another great choice for Gemini girls from the Inspirations range is, surprisingly, the Mystique bracelet. While mystery is not generally considered a Gemini quality, per se, Gemini’s love being able to put on and take off alternate personalities, just like most people change outfits. The persona of mystery is sure to come in handy for these dramatic, sociable girls … not to mention the fact that this is one of the most eclectic designs of ready-made bracelet, with a wide range of beads that somehow come together to form a complete unit. Colors, styles and spacings vary, but the aura of mystery remains … and your Gemini girl will be enthralled with the opportunity to become a goddess of mystery!

You’ll find that the silver section affords some great opportunities to incorporate ‘personality’ beads into your Gemini girl’s bracelet. Charms like the hanging stiletto are a great match for the Gemini’s outgoing nature – she probably has more than one pair of these in the bottom of her wardrobe! This will remind her of the many late nights she’s spent with friends, talking til dawn – probably fondly remembered as some of the best times of her life :-) .

And while older Geminis may have given up on the sore backs and rolled ankles that stilettos cause, they will never give up on their favorite pastime – talking! Everyone knows that a chat is better with a cuppa, and the teacup charm will represent one of many Gemini’s favorite things … an accompaniment, and excuse, to talk!

The silver beads on a Pandora bracelet are the most affordable and easy to add – especially at wallet-busting times like Christmas. Gemini the zodiac sign actually corresponds to a few different animals – in Chinese astrology, Gemini is thought to be represented by the horse. Oriental mythology assigns the horse qualities like adventurousness and a quick wit. If this is your Gemini girl, the horse charm shown at right is perfect for her. While there are plenty of horse-style charms for bracelets, this one is a little unusual (sure to please whimsical Geminis!), in that it is just the head, rather than the full body in gallop like others.

Gemini is also associated with small birds and butterflies – this is because of their flightiness … and presumably also because they are such social animals, that are always chirping away! We showed you the enamel butterflies charm at the beginning of the article, and there are several other butterfly themed charms in the Pandora range, including the one at right which can be found in the Pandora animal section. The Pandora animal section also houses plenty of bird charms … all with their own assigned characteristics and personalities. There are wise old owls, graceful swans, sweet and clucky hens … but none of these belong as much to the Gemini sign as the free-flying dove, and the comical penguin. Geminis are adventurous, and love to see different places – doves can fly wherever they wish, unlike chooks with their heavy bodies! And penguins are the comics of the bird world – Geminis also have a great sense of humor and love telling jokes. This Pandora penguin certainly looks like he doesn’t take himself too seriously!

Peridot is one of the gemstones associated with Gemini, along with citrine and tigereye. Of course, you can also get a birthstone charm corresponding to your Gemini girl’s month of birth, rather than zodiac sign – there is a full complement of birthstone charms in the birthstone section. Chrysoprase charms are for Geminis born in May as emerald would be prohibitively expensive, and supply is difficult to guarantee), and for those born in June there is a simple pearl birthstone charm (pictured), as well as plenty of other gorgeous pearl charms.

However, if you’d like to get something that represents your Gemini’s personality a little more closely than the month that they were born, peridot is a great choice and well-represented in the Pandora range. There are plenty of standard-style charms that include peridots – but you and I know that Geminis are anything but standard! The wrap style charm with a peridot feature is unusual among Pandora jewelry, and great for whimsical Geminis. Set on oxidized sterling silver, it is quite affordable despite the fact that the included gemstone is quite large. Peridot is actually the birthstone for the month of August, so you can get a birthstone style charm with a good sized chunk (!) of peridot in the birthstone section – this one is pictured also.

Gemini’s signature color is yellow, as we mentioned, and you can also include the charm and shine of this color with either Murano glass, or cubic zirconias. The yellow CZ charm pictured at right has a cute, stylized creativity about it, and Geminis will love how the movement of dangle charms call attention to their gorgeous bracelet!

But the best and brightest of the yellow charms are to be found in the Murano glass section, like the yellow charm with orange flowers shown at right. These flower design charms are available in several different color schemes, but this is sure to appeal most to energetic Geminis. Alternatively, you could try the dramatic feeling created by the black bead with overlaid yellow flowers below it. Again, great for Geminis to change their personalities like they would change hats … or indeed, bracelets!

There are plenty of Gemini-suited options, so if you haven’t found the one you want, just click to keep browsing in the Pandora jewelry section. Look to the enamel page, the Murano glass page, and the silver beads page for some great Gemini inspiration (and don’t forget the Ready-Made Inspirations section!). And if you get stuck, either for ideas or with navigating the site, just click the Live Help link to be pulled out of your quagmire, instantly!

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