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Green Scroll Cubic Zirconia Charm – for Mystical Pisceans

Ask your Piscean friend what she wants for Christmas, and the answer is likely to be a good-natured ‘Huh? What were we talking about?’ !! You might decide its easier (and more fun!) to just surprise these dreamy souls … and a Pandora bracelet, or an addition to her existing one, is the perfect way to do it. These easy-going, imaginative and spiritual souls have many charms made just for them in the Pandora range – keep reading to see our picks of Piscean presents for this Christmas!

Scrolls and Dots Charm

Gold Scrolls with Rubies Clip

Gold Linked Hearts Clip

Sunburst Clip

Silver Elephant Charm

Silver Owl Charm

Row of Amethyst Charm

Pisceans are known for having their heads in their clouds, and often the rest of their bodies as well! They are mystical, spiritual people, only halfway connected to this world of work, money and other people :-) There are plenty of Pandora charms that reflect this spiritual bent! They are also quite compassionate people, inspirational and empathetic – charms that express their love for all of humanity will go well on their bracelets. They are also extremely artistic souls, and love anything with a bit of flair and artistry about it … which you’ll find plenty of in the Murano glass section, especially.

The scroll is a great symbol to look to incorporate in your Piscean friend’s Pandora bracelet. It has long been a symbol of wisdom, from the toimes when only the most enlightened men could read – indeed, from the times when reading was considered a form of magic! Scroll charms come in all shapes and sizes – one lovely simple design is shown at the beginning of the article. This charm only comes in a lime color, but it has a beautiful symbolism – the scroll design on the front of the bead enfold and encircles the green cubic zirconia, which is a gem of wisdom in the center of all of the learning that the scroll represents. The cubic zirconia makes this charm quite inexpensive, also.

There are even more stylised scroll designs available elsewhere in the Pandora pages, also. The scrolls and dots charm is one of the simplest. This very budget friendly bead is actually great to buy in bulk, for it to be used as a spacer in Pandora bracelets. It is wide and simple, and if you are buying for a Piscean, you can use the money saved on this bead to buy something a little more special and luxurious – like the gold scrolls clip with rubies, shown at right! The clip is made from 14ct gold, and the rubies are rare natural stones – not the more common, and much cheaper, synthetic ones.

In fact, clips are a good idea in general for Piscean women. With their heads in the clouds, they can sometimes (only sometimes!) forget what they are doing … clips are great for preventing accidental bead spillings when the bracelet is being taken on and off. The gold linked hearts clip is a great idea for Pisceans – these spiritual girls are likely to live by the truth that everything is connected, and we are all part of one another – the linked hearts symbol expresses that in a beautiful and simple way. However, clips don’t need to be an extravagant affair – the sunburst clip pictured will be just as perfect for Pisceans, who constantly look to the sky for answers, trying to interpret the stars. The sunburst design will hopefully help her find inspiration and the answers to life’s questions without blinding herself on the actual sun ;-) The sunburst clip is in one of the lowest price brackets of Pandora jewelry, so safety is quite a cost-effective measure in this case.

Pisceans will also frequently look to nature for inspiration in their lives, and animals are likely to be a big part of that. Long-living, and long-remembering elephants are often a Piscean favorite. Elephants have a matriarch of the herd, a head female rather than a head male, and stay together all of their lives. They are gentle animals, which will resonate beautifully with her compassionate, empathetic and gentle nature also. This elephant is again, one of the most wallet-friendly pieces in the Pandora range, and also one of the long-time favorites.

Wisdom is also a lifelong concern of Piscean girls – and no animal is wiser (according to popular lore and cliches, anyway!), than the owl! This gorgeous owl is made from affordable, easy to match sterling silver, and has a sweet, approachable personality. You can find this little guy, along with the elephant and other zoo friends, in either the silver charms section or the animal charms section.

And if you would rather your Christmas gift guidelines be a bit more clear cut, there are plenty of alternativfe options for Pandora charms for Pisceans. These girls will either be born in February or March, meaning that their birthstone (according to the months system) will be either the amethyst or the aquamarine. Check out the gemstone charms section, and use the product finder box to refine your results to the gemstones you want.

The soulfulness and mystery of amethyst is highlighted beautifully by the simple design of the row of amethyst charm shown at right. It is set on sterling silver, and coupling this with the fact that amethyst is a fairly common stone makes this a budget-friendly buy. There are similar pieces with many different stones, however the aquamarine one is just slightly different, and also set on a gold base rather than sterling silver. You an also see simple and sweet charms incorporating the Piscean birthstone gems in the birthstone beads section.

If you haven’t seen just the right charm, or set of charms for your Fishy Filly yet, keep browsing in the Pandora section and you are sure to stumble across something before long! If you need a hand with anything, remember that we are only as far away as the Live Help link on the right of the page.

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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