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The Gift of Time: Watches for March Birthdays


Citizen Aqualand II Promaster Dive Watch

If you don’t know somebody that could use a bit more time in their lives, you must live in a monastery! It’s not always possible to come clean your friend’s house, cook them some dinner and walk the dogs for their birthday … but you can do the next best thing. A new watch will help them keep track of time … give them a reason to check how long it is until something begins! Today we’re checking out some of the stylish watches in the range, for March born guys and girls.

Citizen Swarovski Crystal Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Aqualand Promaster Eco-Drive Watch

Flashing red and black dial men’s Fossil watch

Wenger AquaGraph 1000M Men’s Divers Watch

Funky DKNY watch

Ladies Emporio Armani Crystal Watch

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, and while there aren’t any watches that feature the pale, subtle and very sweet gemstone ‘in the crystal’, so to speak, the Aqualand Promaster dive watch at the beginning of the article certainly incorporates the same color as the gem. It is a dive watch, and has a handy digital depth indicator and log functions, as well as a rubber strap and stainless steel bezel, etc. It also comes with the Citizen 5 year warranty, just like everything from the Promaster range. If you can break this toughie within 5 years of use, you’re doing well!

The same is true in the range of ladies watches – while there aren’t any aquamarine crystals to be found, there are a few pieces that incorporate the same pale, elegant blue color. The Citizen Swarovski crystal watch with a mother of pearl face at right is a great example. The Swarovski crystals don’t overwhelm the design, just delicately complement it, creating a very graceful watch. It’s an Eco-Drive model, so she won’t need to change a watch battery ever again in her life … as long as she sees the sun once every couple of months!

March-born guys and dolls will be either Pisces (born from the 1st to the 20th), or Aries (born from the 21st onwards). The ‘lucky’ color for Aries is red … as a fire sign, this makes perfect sense! You can expand your horizons for a March born man by looking for beautiful bright red colored watches like the Promaster diver’s watch at right. It has most of the same functionality as the one at the beginning fo the article, but a very different design. Despite the odd shape, this has been a very popular Citizen diver’s model – probably because of the heavy discount off RRP that is available through Gilletts!

The Fossil red and black dial watch at right is another of those bright, fun and funky red models, perfect or Arian guys. As a matter of fact, it has quite a unisex design, and would look just as sexy, strong and stylish on an Arian lady! The Fossil watches are a designer item – functionality is basic, but construction is excellent. This watch has quart movement and is water resistant (though not suitable for doing the dishes in), and comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

The Wenger watch at right is the mother of all dive watches, rated water resistant to 1000m or 100atm. It doesn’t have the depth indicator, but it does have something else notable on its side – Wenger also makes the Swiss Army knife, and nowhere will you find a watch that is designed to withstand more punishment than a Wenger. This model would be great for either Arians or Pisces guys – it does have the red accent, but Pisces signature colour is silver, and this is the base color of the watch.

The silver DKNY watch at right is ALL silver … and a very striking choice for Pisceans! The elongated face is a subtle but captivating design feature. You can see that the time indicators are all clustered around the centre of the watch, making it very easy to read … but stunning. You’ll need to have an idea of your recipient’s wrist size – the bands come in different sizes, and while there are removable links at the back to cater for different comfort levels, it is best to get an accurate idea of what diameter will work best.

The Emporio Armani ladies’ watch at right is another gorgeous choice for Pisceans, delighting and revelling in that sleek silver color. It looks rather chunky, but in fact the strap width is only around 16mm – a nice middling width. The watch itself is water resistant to 50m (ie, splash resistant), and comes with a 2 year warranty. That timeless Armani design will last much longer, though!

We are constantly seeing updated products throughout our watch ranges, especially among the Fossil, Wenger, DKNY and Armani collections. Keep browsing now for either men’s watches or women’s watches – you are sure to find the perfect gift! Most are available for less than $300. Happy browsing!

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