Hammer set vs. grain set

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Hammer setting and grain setting are two types of ways that gemstones can be set in jewelry. This page outlines what hammer setting and grain setting means and also shows pictures so that you can see the differences between the two setting styles.

Hammer setting and grain setting are the most popular gemstone setting styles used in titanium jewelry. You will also see these setting styles used in jewelry made from other metals including gold and silver.

Both of these setting techniques will securely hold the gemstones in jewelry. Both setting types are suitable for everyday wear. Both setting styles set the gemstone in the ring so that top surface of the gemstone sits flush with the height of the top surface of the ring.

To better understand these settings, lets take a look at each one...

Grain Set

A grain setting uses four very small claws on four points of the gemstone. With a grain setting, there is a square shaped softly sloping indentation in the metal around the edges of the gemstone.

The grain setting can make the gemstone look a little more like a square gemstone than a round gemstone, which makes the grain setting a popular choice for men's rings. The grain setting also has a slightly old world feel to it making it popular with people who like old world style jewelry.

Hammer Set

Hammer Set Close Up

With a hammer setting there are no visible claws over the surface of the gemstone.

There is a small circular sloping indentation around the edge of the gemstone with the hammer setting.

The hammer setting is the most popular gemstone setting for titanium rings. It has a neat and clean contemporary apperance and suits both ladies and men's rings.

Hammer Set Close up

You can choose which ever setting style you prefer as both styles are will hold your gemstones very safely and securely.

The pictures above also show a very close up view of the setting styles, though remember that the settings will appear much smaller in a ring than they do in these enlarged pictures.

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