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Nomination Bracelets

Design your own Nomination charm bracelet and have it shipped to you for free! Nomination Bracelets are the original charm bracelet range from Italy. The composable Nomination bracelets collection offers you the added value of formal glamour, wearability and the chance to personalise a bracelet as a gift, or for yourself.

Start designing your Nomination Bracelets now!

What are Nomination charm bracelets?

The Nomination charm bracelets are made up of a stainless steel bracelet and a range of 18ct gold, coloured enamel, cubic zirconia or gemstone letters, symbols and flags. With over 500 links to choose from you can personalise your bracelet by choosing the letters of a name or phrase; express your individualtiy with symbols or include gemstones to add an extra touch of class.

Each link is detachable, making it very easy for you to change and personalise your design to your specific preferences. You can even choose extra links and make your bracelet look different each day of the week!

Start designing your Nomination Bracelets now!

How does the Nomination bracelets system work?

The Nomination bracelets are lots of fun. This is how it works... You buy a base bracelet, which is formed of a strip of 13 stainless steel links. Then to complete the bracelet you will add more links to it. You can personalize your bracelet any way you want! We have over 500 links that you can choose from. Women usually need a total of 18 links to form a bracelet, men need 20 links. will need to buy at least between 5 and 7 additional links to compose your bracelet. You can choose gold, enamel or gemstone links. You can also choose standard stainless steel links to make up the extra links needed. You can also remove some of the standard links that are included with the base bracelet to allow you to add more letters, symbols or gem stone links to make your bracelet more personalised.

To view the Nomination charms and their cost just click on the several sub-categories listed on the design page. Click on the 'start designing your Nomination Bracelets' link below to start designing your bracelet.

Start designing your Nomination Bracelets now!

How do the links fit together?

How the Nomination links fit together

Nomination expandable bracelets

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