Official Lord of the rings resin ring on chain pendant

Style number: A13311
This official Lord of the Rings pendant ring is made pursuant to a licence from the Lord of the Rings movie company New Line Cinema with the maker of this pendant.

This official Lord of the Rings pendant ring band measures 6mm wide with the elvish script from the popular Lord of the Rings story.

'One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them'

This extraordinary 'One Ring' is cast in 9ct yellow gold with resin filled engraving and comes with the sterling silver chain.

If you wish to select the 9ct white gold version please select this option from the menu below.

This ring is designed to be worn as a pendant.

The ladies silver chain measures 45cm in length (18.75 inches.) and the mens silver chain measures 55cm in length (21.65 inches).

The ring features the above message engraved in the Elvish language, an ancient language of Middle-earth. The inscription appears outside and also on the inside of the ring. It also comes with a Collectors Card and is presented in a handsome pouch. This ring makes a fantastic gift that will be truly treasured.

(The black mark is a reflection from the camera taking the photograph - the ring does not have a black spot)

Metal Type:9ct yellow gold and 9ct white gold
Availability: The manufacture time will be approximately 4 weeks.

Available Options:

Necklace length:
Metal type:
Shipping restrictions: We cannot ship this item outside of Australia & New Zealand.
Date: 26th of June 2017
Official Lord of the rings pouch

Free official pouch!

All Lord of the Rings jewelry comes in this official Lord of the Rings pouch.

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