Pandora Necklace Creator

Pandora Necklace CreatorThis Pandora Necklace concept allows you to create your own necklace design using a three part combination.

You can choose upto 8 necklaces that can be worn together. The necklaces are joined together using an s-lock and a fixed clip bead. The necklace/s simply attach onto the necklace s-lock. Then you close the fixed clip over the necklace lock to secure the necklace in place.

The necklaces are available in different lengths and designs in either silver or oxidised silver. Each necklace is sold separately.

Simply choose the necklace design that you like. Choose any additional necklaces you want. Choose a Pandora s-lock design that you like and either use a Pandora clip that you already own, or choose a Pandora clip.

These authentic Pandora necklaces are part of the world famous Pandora jewellery collection.
There are currently no products in this range.

"I have used this site to order Pandora charms on 3 occasions and have found the site and the service to be excellent. It is really great for..."
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