Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Traditional anniversary gifts and modern anniversary gift lists can be used as a guide for anniversary gift ideas and anniversary gift giving.

The anniversary gift list (see below) shows the traditional anniversary gifts and modern anniversary gifts. Though still used by some people as a gift guide, the traditional and modern anniversary gift lists are relied on less in current times, in favour of more personalised anniversary gift selection.

One of the problems with the traditional and modern anniversary list is that they do not cater for each year of marriage, as they only cater for each 5 year increment. Many people have asked us "What do we do for the years in between?"

Naturally you're welcome to choose your gift based on the lists, or if you're looking for a more personal sentimental gift, we've put together some gift suggestions for you below.

To see other unique anniversary gift suggestions click here or to see anniversary eternity rings click here.

Year Traditional Modern
1 year Paper Clock
5 years Wood Silver ware
10 years Tin, Aluminium Tin
15 years Crystal Watch
20 years China Platinum
25 years Silver Silver
30 years Pearl Diamond
35 years Coral Jade
40 years Ruby Ruby
45 years Sapphire Sapphire
50 years Gold Gold
55 years Emerald Emerald
60 years Diamond Diamond

Research Reveals Wives Prefer Jewellery for Anniversary Gifts

A 2009 international survey revealed that the overwhelming majority of ladies wished to receive jewelry for their upcoming anniversary.

When asked why they preferred jewelry as a gift, they said that 'jewelry is the gift that best says "I love you".'

Ladies also believe that jewellery, unlike any other gift, holds the greatest sentimental value.

And by choosing jewellery, the sentimental value doesn't bore within a few days like house-hold appliances do, nor confuse like technology products do, fade like flowers or add to the waistline like chocolate.

You could look at it like this: Give her an appliance and she might like it? Give her Jewellery and she'll Love You!

Jewellery is the desirable gift that will keep giving day after day for many years to come.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Need help choosing an anniversary gift? You're not alone!

Thousands of people have come to us over the years seeking anniversary gift suggestions.

To help make selecting an anniversary gift an easy and enjoyable task, we've compiled the top anniversary gift suggestions and put them together for you below.

You'll also find anniversary gift ideas for husbands (including fantastic men's watches), anniversary gift ideas for boyfriends and anniversary gift ideas for girlfriends too!

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