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Delivery Info

All goods shipped are insured against loss and damage whilst they are in transit.

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Free Returns

Free Returns

Gillett's Jewellers are committed to the provision of high quality products. Guarantee: We guarantee that our products will be delivered in new condition without damage or fault in craftsmanship.

If the product was damaged or faulty in its craftsmanship at the time of delivery to you (the customer), you may return the product within 30 days (of the delivery date) and Gillett's will refund the product price or replace the item.*

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Free Returns

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Profess Your Love with Stunning Australia-Made Trilogy and Multi Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Sometimes one stone just isn’t enough. Gillett’s specialises in creating stunning multi stone engagement rings for a ring that’s entirely you. From selecting a ring from our wide range, to having a custom made ring perfect for your unity, we’ll work with you to ensure you’ll have a result you’ll love.

The range of multi stone rings we have on offer

No two marriages are the same, and nor should your rings have to be. Few things allow for more customisation than choosing a ring design with multiple diamonds or gemstones fastened to the ring. At Gillett’s we specialise in creating the sort of stunning rings you’ll struggle choosing between.

If you still can’t find the one ring amongst our stock, we’ll work with you to combine what you most loved about the ones that stood out to you, and then craft the perfect multi stone engagement ring for your unity.

Whether your partner is a diamond lover or enchanted by coloured exotic gemstones, we’ve got the stones they’ll love. We also create stunning gemstone and diamond combination rings. Browse our wide stock or get in touch if you cannot find the gemstone combination, or design you desire, and would like to discuss a custom ring.

The symbolism of trilogy diamond rings

Trilogy engagement rings don’t just look stunning – the three diamonds are deeper symbols of something more tangible and important to you as a pair, and to your future as a married couple. The first stone symbolises the past you’ve had apart and together. The second stone symbolises the present. The third stone symbolises the future you will share together. What better way to symbolise your shared history and future than three eternally brilliant diamonds cut to perception?

Choose from a range of stunning trilogy rings to not only symbolise the past, present, and future you two share, but which will also reflect your love’s style and personality perfectly.

Find the perfect ring today

An engagement ring is one of a kind – you only have the one in a marriage. For a proposal, you want everything to be perfect, from the people to the setting, to the surprise element. If the ring you love is not in stock in your finger size, we can very easily manufacture a ring specifically for you. For all your questions and queries, feel free to get in touch with the Gillett’s team on 1300 665 352.


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