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Father’s Day Gifts for Corporate Dads


Citizen Gold Tone Eco-Drive Watch

If you have an office-bound Dad, he no doubt has worked very hard to get where he is, and loves his work … but we all have those days at work! If you can give him something for Father’s Day this year that helps get him through those Mondays where all he wants to do is throw the computer through the next office window, then you’ll only be doing his sanity, and his co-workers’ safety, a favor! Or perhaps you just want to dress up his boring black suits a bit :-)   Either way, we have some awesome corporate gifts for Father’s Day gathered here for you.

Men’s Fossil Skeleton Watch

Men’s Diamond and Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

Mother of Pearl and Gold Cufflinks

Men’s Midnight Black Diamond Pendant

Men’s Wave Pendant by Inori

Inori Square Cable Style 55cm chain

Men’s 8mm Titanium Ring

Titanium, Silver and Rose Gold Ring

Hot Diamonds Multiply Diamond and Silver Bracelet

The gold watch at the beginning of the article is a lovely rich, bright accessory for any black suit – and Citizen are one of the best in the watchmaking business. The Stiletto model pictured at the beginning of the article is a slimline design, featuring a push button buckle and Eco-Drive technology, so he need never replace a battery again! The Eco-Drive technology allows the watch to power itself with the wearer’s movement. If your watch sits on a shelf for several months (perhaps next year you’ll get Dad a wonderful Caribbean vacation, where he certainly won’t be worrying about the time!), all that needs to be done is to give the watch a quick wind to start it up again, and once it is being worn regularly, the Eco-Drive will take over.

If your Dad works in a more progressive, innovative office, then a great timepiece for him comes from the Fossil range, and is pictured at right. The watch features partially exposed mechanics, so you can always see whether it is working! This quirk is combined with unusually placed digits, for an even more unique look. The watch has a three hand display and is actually water resistant to 50m also. It has a stainless steel band and a two-year warranty, so if Dad wants to wear it on the weekends as well, it will be durable and long lasting.

Cufflinks are the other obvious choice for corporate Dads, and there is a great variety of them in store at the moment. The mother of pearl ones pictured have a unique, colorful yet understated look, and feature solitary diamonds in each for sparkle and life. The gold ones pictured below these are perfect if your Dad wants to coordinate with the gold watch, or just prefers a more traditional look in his cufflinks. They have a mother of pearl ‘face’, with a sparkling solitary diamond in their center … perhaps a metaphor for your Dad in the office? ;-) These are actually the only gold cufflinks we have in store, so it is lucky they are such a gorgeous design.

Pendants may not seem like a very office-ish Father’s Day gift … but they can actually be sneakily enjoyed in even the strictest corporate setting, with a long enough chain and a more subtle coloring. Look for something that won’t get odd looks if it happily pops out between his shirt buttons – the Hot Diamonds range fits right in to an office setting. We love the Midnight Pendant at right, made from sterling silver with a coating of black rhodium. The chain pictured is included with the pendant and measures 0cm, but if you want it to be easily hideable for him, look for a 55cm or 60cm chain in our chains category. The 55cm square link chain is pictured at right, and is a perfect choice.

Even the more modern, and quite a lot more budget-friendly, Inori range has something for corporate Dads this Father’s Day. The Wave pendant at right is a cool, subtle design that won’t look out of place either behind a desk (or, behind a shirt and then behind a desk!), or at the pub on the weekend. It is made of stainless steel with alternating brushed and polished sections, and is a nice, middling 3cm long. The chain pictured is not included – choose one of the 55cm or 60cm chains from the necklaces section (there is a link in the product description!). They are labeled Ladies … but could you really tell?!

Rings are another jewelry item which is actually quite suitable for office wear. Wedding rings have of course become a fixture in the office environment, so it seems that casual rings are accepted by default. Check out the titanium ring section for awesome quality and sleek designs at great prices – the 8mm titanium ring pictured is a nice, masculine size that says ‘I’m no pushover in the boardroom!’ … and is currently available for less than AU$100. Bargain!

If your Dad has a little more leeway with his personal appearance at work, you could go for something with some texture and variation, that still has a corporate look. The silver, gold and titanium ring at right is a great example, with a strangely earthy look and a masculine feel. You can also engrave a message inside the band of this one – whether you want to remind him who loves him the best, or to come home on time is up to you!

The Hot Diamonds range has a wonderful sleek look, with its simple sterling silver designs, solitary diamonds and contemporary shapings. It is very office friendly – so much so that you can get away with wearing non-standard pieces of jewelry, like bracelets, from the range with ease. We love the Multiply bracelet shown at right, with its alternating solid bands and chain links, giving it a nice blend of flexibility and firmness. This is probably how your Dad likes to think of himself, anyway! Each link features a 0.02ct genuine white diamond, and the sterling silver has been rhodium plated for durability, tarnish resistance and shine.

There is a huge range to choose from for corporate Dads this year in store – and they all offer much better ways to remember you when he is at work than a cheesy photo of you and your siblings in the bath together as children! You’ll be doing yourself a favor as well as him, replacing that one :-) . If you need any help choosing, look for us behind the Live Help link at the right of screen when you’re in the store section.

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