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Free Returns

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Exceptional Diamond Anniversary Rings Available in Australia

As engagement rings and wedding rings are the sign of love, anniversary rings are a way to signify a never-ending love. Rather than one big stone, eternity rings are set with a series of beautiful smaller stones around the band. The sequential, unbroken placement of these stones signify long-lasting love, and are the ideal way to demonstrate the depth of your love and affection for a significant other.

Typically worn as the third ring on the engagement finger, the spectacular, eye-catching design of an eternity ring both stand on their own and complement the existing rings that have been worn. For this reason, it is advisable to select a ring in a similar style that suitably accompany the rings already worn.  

Diamond eternity rings from Gillett’s

The stunning collection of eternity rings available at Gillett’s are available in a variety of precious metals to complement the taste and wedding ring of your loved one. Our range includes yellow gold and rose gold, platinum and white gold, and demonstrates variations on the same design for those who prefer either modern or more traditional approaches to wedding bands. Gillett’s can customise an eternity ring to compliment your existing rings.

The diamond rings appropriate for any anniversary

These rings can be given to someone special at any time, whether it be after one year of exciting marriage, or 40 years of slow-burning love. Regardless of when you choose to gift, diamond eternity anniversary rings are the perfect way to show someone you still have the same powerful feelings for them as you did when you first got married.  

Work with our jewellery experts and choose from a range of stunning golds, from yellow and rose gold, to white gold, and platinum. With us you’ll find the anniversary ring that suits your partner’s style perfectly.

Find out more about eternity rings from Gillett’s

If you believe the time is right to bestow your loved one with one of our stunning eternity rings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Gillett’s put our customers first and are very happy to have you be a part of the ring design process from start to finish.

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