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Delivery Info

Delivery Info

All goods shipped are insured against loss and damage whilst they are in transit.

Once you are advised by e-mail that your order has been shipped, we guarantee delivery of all items except in cases where the address supplied is incorrect, illegible, incomplete or if the recipient is away or has moved, in which case you will be liable for payment of the purchase price and shipping of the order irrespective of whether the order arrives on time or not at all.

Free Returns

Free Returns

Gillett's Jewellers are committed to the provision of high quality products. Guarantee: We guarantee that our products will be delivered in new condition without damage or fault in craftsmanship.

If the product was damaged or faulty in its craftsmanship at the time of delivery to you (the customer), you may return the product within 30 days (of the delivery date) and Gillett's will refund the product price or replace the item.*

Free Shipping

Free Returns

Gilletts Jewellers offer free shipping for items over the value of $100.



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How to place a Layby

Placing a layby is easy.

You can place your items on layby for up to 12 weeks, depending on the value of your order.

You simply make a small deposit of 20% (or higher if you wish) when you place your layby and you can then choose the number and frequency of your payments.

For your convenience you can also choose a starting date for your payments based around your pay day.

After your final payment your order will then be shipped to you.

Simply follow the guide below for placing your layby.

If you have any questions about layby options please contact us.

1. Read and understand the layby terms and conditions - available here.

2. Place all the items you wish to place on layby into your shopping cart. 3. Proceed to the checkout (click on the 'checkout' button)

4. After entering or confirming your address information, select the "Layby Payment using credit card option" from the payment method list.

(Please Note: The layby payment option will only be displayed if your order is eligible for Layby - see the miniumum order value necessary to qualify on the layby conditions page.)

Once selected the details for your layby option can be completed.
Please fill in your credit card details.

5. How much do you wish to deposit?
This option allows you to choose the amount of your deposit. You may choose a deposit amount between 20% and 80%. The deposit amount options are available in 5% increments.

6. How frequently do you wish to make payments?
This option indicates the number of weeks between payments. You can choose to make payments each week, each 2 weeks or each 4 weeks. 7. How many instalments do you wish to make?
Whether this option will be available depends on the total value of your order and the payment frequency that you choose above. Once selected the instalment summary will display the payment amount calculated for each instalment.

8. Choose your Installment Start Date:
This option allows you to select the date for your first installment. Your starting date needs to be within one month of the date you place your Layby.

This option is given to you so you can set the payments to start after your pay day to help you budget your payments.

To change the starting date click on the calendar icon (1) which will display the calendar, then select a date on the calendar. Dates with a strike-through are not available (2). To select a start date in the next month click on the double arrow (>>) keys in the calendar to see the following month. Once selected your Installment Summary dates will be updated automatically for you (3).

9. Once you have selected your layby options the Installment Summary will show the schedule of all payments required for the completion of this order. Once you are happy with the options click on the 'continue' at the bottom of the page.

Caution: The scroll wheel will change the selected listbox entry. Please click on a white space of the page before scrolling with the mouse wheel.

10. If you do not already have a password for tracking your orders through this web site, when prompted with the 'order history access' box (as pictured) choose 'yes' and enter a password.

(You need to have a Gillett's Jewellers password to be eligible for placing a layby. Password accounts are free to create. Simply enter a password, and re-type the password to confirm it.

11. A confirmation page will display with the installment schedule you have chosen. Please check the schedule for any accidental mouse wheel changes and once you are happy and agree to the terms and conditions, confirm your order.

Once you confirm the order the deposit amount will be charged to the credit card.

If you have any questions about layby options contact us at

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