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For The Newly in Love – August Birthday Gifts for Girlfriends


Heart Pendant Purple Pearl Necklace

If the feeling is the same for men as it is for women, having a new partner is one of the most exhilarating times of your life. We know it’s a honeymoon period, we know he or she has flaws that we just haven’t seen yet. But right now, you don’t need as much sleep, everything seems a little funnier and a little happier, your skin, hair and mind are glowing … love is grand! Whether you have just started a relationship or have been with your girlfriend for years now, why not bring back that heady, first-days feeling, with a well-chosen jewelry gift this August? We give you some starting points.

Pandora Purple Pearl Earrings

Fossil Silver Infinity Ladies Watch

Heart Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Pink Sapphire Ring

Impressive Multicolored Pendant

Peridot White GOld Drop Earrings

Inori Blue Snowflake Bangle

Amethyst, Pearl and Crystal Bracelet

Many of you will think she just seems perfect now … but there are actually two types of women born in August. The colorful, bold, dramatic and outgoing Leos, and the more reserved, neat and orderly, conscientious Virgos. Leos love anything that stands out – the heart pendant and purple pearl necklace at the beginning of the article is perfect for them. Including more color than a simple pendant, this purple pearl necklace has gemstones all around the chain, as well as a yellow drop section with cubic zirconias. The necklace itself is 40cm long, so will sit quite high around her neck.

In the same vein are the purple pearl Pandora earrings at right. While not quite a stylistic match for the purple pearl necklace, they are certainly colorful, bold and very creative, just like Leo ladies! The pearls have a gorgeous natural shape and a distinctive lilac purple tone, accented warmly by the yellow gold and tanzanite in the flower section. The earrings themselves are made of 14ct gold, and are actually quite elegant, conspicuous items, great for evening wear, at 3.4cm long. Your outgoing Leo lady will find plenty of use for them! They are actually part of a set, which includes simple stud earrings, a gold tanzanite flower ring, a Pandora charm and a necklace with purple pearls and tanzanites.

Virgo women are not as bold and dramatic, but a little more cool and reserved. Their orderly, conscientious nature means these women can never have too many watches (punctuality is an obsession!), and for Virgos we love the Fossil silver infinity design watch at right. This is actually quite hardy for a fashion watch, at 100m water resistant, and also comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. The base material is stainless steel, and the face and band match in a cool, neat way that Virgos will love. Best of all, it has a surprisingly low price tag for designer style!

The signature color for Virgos is blue – a cool, deep and calm color that reflects their preferences and personality. Sapphires are one of the loveliest and hardiest blue gemstones about, and rings are the perfect way to express a burgeoning commitment to each other. We love the heart blue sapphire ring at right, with its sparkling diamond accents. The sapphire is .66ct natural stone, and the accent diamonds are two 0.025ct genuine white high quality diamonds. All set on 18ct white gold, this will certainly be a luxurious birthday gift to remember!

Big, bold and creative Leos, on the other hand, will love the stunning drama of the pink sapphire ring at right. It includes 12 pink sapphires, none of which are aligned, either horizontally, vertically, or depth-wise, but all of which have a gorgeous unity. Three white diamonds complete the beautiful look, and the 15 stones are set on a comfortable 2.6mm wide band. The white gold band is 9ct, for affordability, and the entire ring is actually quite reasonably priced!

For Leos, there is an entire gem rainbow out there – while exploring the beauty of one color is all good, it is even more exciting for these creative women to have 6 all in one piece! The multicolored pendant at right includes an amethyst, tourmaline, citrine, blue topaz and aquamarine as well as a peridot, the birthstone for the entire month of August. Each stone is a generous 4mm x 6mm, and are all set on 9ct white gold for suitability with all skin types as well as affordability. This is a stand alone item, and she’ll love continuing the color theme with a contrast-colored chain like yellow or rose gold – check out the selection on the product page.

The earrings at right utilize the exact same cut and size of stones as the multicolored pendant, to create a completely different feel! Virgo women will enjoy the neat, elegant placement of the oval cut peridots in these white gold drop earrings. They are suitable for both office and understated evening wear, measuring 19mm long and with hook style fittings. Again, the peridot is the birthstone for August – a great way to help coordinate with other pieces in her collection already.

With a feel that is completely different, but just as suitable for Virgo vixens, is the blue snowflake Inori bangle at right. Virgos are often labeled ‘cool’ … and by those who don’t like them, ‘ice queens’! Well, most Virgos enjoy their reserved attitude, and they can revel in it with this gorgeous snowflake bangle by Inori. It is a stainless steel base, and the blue resin snowflakes are accented beautifully by sparkling cubic zirconias. The bracelet is female-sized, at 5.5cm, but you may even be able to borrow it – the open face design and trademark Inori unisex styling make it very versatile!

Leo ladies would hate to miss out on gorgeous bracelets – they love the constant movement of bracelets compared to necklaces, as well as how easy they are to show off! The amethyst, crystal and pearl bracelet at right is a lovely colorful choice for Leo ladies, with at least three different pearl colors, purple crystals as well as genuine amethysts. It measures 20cm long, but is quite easy to shorten by simply clipping the clasp a little further down the base chain. It also enjoys free shipping, both within Australia and internationally, making it even more of a bargain!

There are literally hundreds of gifts for August-born girlfriends in store. If you know what type of jewelry you’re after, check out the left hand menu and go straight to earrings, bracelets, pendants or watches. Alternatively, why not check out the August birthstone jewelry, or our hand selected Gift Ideas for Girlfriends? If you need a second opinion, or help with navigation or a particular product, we are only as far away as the right hand side of the screen. Just click on the Live Help link for instant assistance.

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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