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June Birthday Gift Ideas for Husbands


Inori Brand Gearwheel Pendant

If you are anything like I am (and like a good percentage of women are), you may sometimes talk like your husband is the bane of your life … even though you know deep down that he is your strength and raison d’etre. Aww! I’m tearing up already :-) . No matter how irritated you sound when you ask him to only get out the clothes he needs instead of pulling everything onto the floor, actions speak louder than words. They even speak louder than tones of voice! We’re here to help you with a thoughtful, individual gift for your husband this June – check out some of our newest and best suggestions.

Inori Brand Segmented Ring

Rochet Men’s Black Ceramic Bracelet

Black Rainbow Titanium Ring

Double Nova Titanium and Silver Ring

Official Lord of the Rings’s Frodo’s Sword Pendant

Men’s Cross Stainless Steel Pendant and Necklace

Men’s Rochet brand Bracelet

The Inori range is constantly evolving – and if you have a husband born in the first part of May under Gemini, you’ll understand that idea! Gemini guys are active, sociable and ever changing. They are also mentally active, always looking for the next challenge. The gearwheel pendant at the beginning of the article is a great choice for Gemini husbands, reflecting their need to get moving – to kick things up a gear! It is made from durable stainless steel, and the gearwheel is actually decently sized, at 4.5cm long. It is a stand-alone item, so you can choose whether a chain that lets him slip the pendant under his shirt, or keeps it out of the way and in view, will suit him best.

Inori is a range of many faces, and Cancerian husbands – shy, yet inwardly strong, family-oriented, loyal and quite conservative – will also find soul-mate pieces of jewelry within Inori’s pages. The segmented ring at right is a great example – it is individual, yet subtle in appearance. The wide 8mm band gives it s feeling of great strength, and best of all, you get to give him a sweet little message to carry around on his hand, with plenty of room for a personal engraving. These rings also feature free shipping across Australia!

Cancerian guys are among the most conservative in the zodiac – so this sophisticated black ceramic and stainless steel bracelet, with its powerful yet conservative tones, is a great introduction to a less-traditional form of jewelry. The bracelet length is 21.5cm, however extra links can be purchased to lengthen it if necessary. You’ll also find plenty of matching pieces within the Rochet range, giving yourself ready-made gifts for Christmas and next year, at the least.

The Rochet range has a very definite style, although it does carry subtleties that give it a broad appeal. Gemini guys will love the bracelet-that-is-not-a-bracelet at right, a piece with a delicacy that is not often seen in men’s jewelry, for its uniqueness. It is made from difficult to scratch stainless steel (even active Geminis will find it hard to destroy!), and is set up so that links can be either added or subtracted by a local jeweller to create a bracelet that fits every husband’s wrist.

Geminis are changeable, mercurial people. For those of you that are married to them, try to remember that it is all their zodiac sign’s fault when he goes from full of energy to sulking in a corner in the space of two hours! The Black rainbow titanium ring at right is the perfect match for him, changing colors with an oil effect as you look at it from different angles. Titanium is one of the strongest jewelry metals around, and is pretty much indestructible. The ring also comes with quite a range of options, including differing band widths, finishes and the option for engraved messages.

The strength of titanium is something that suits Cancerian guys as well as Geminis, but the double nova silver and titanium ring at right is in a much more conservative, Cancerian color scheme. The silver bands through the duller grey titanium shine almost white in contrast, which is the signature color for Cancerians – and you can actually choose white gold if you prefer. Alternate band widths and titanium colors are available with this ring also.

Despite Cancerian husbands’ outward conservatism, secretly they all long for a bit of magic and excitement in their lives! Gilletts are stockists of official Lord of the Rings jewelry, and the Frodo’s sword pendant at right is the perfect way to take your Cancerian husband (quietly!) out of the predictability of his ordinary days. It is slender but quite long, at 6.3cm, and made of very affordable sterling silver. It is a stand alone item, so you can even save by popping it on another of his chains if you prefer.

Gemini guys, though, will want something that looks great under UV lights, and pops out the top of their going-out shirts! The cross stainless steel pendant at right is a great bet. The necklace is included for this one, and at only 46cm, will sit quite high around your husband’s neck. Great for fashionable Geminis! The pendant section is an inch across and long, and 3mm deep. Shipping is free within Australia!

If you haven’t yet found something perfect for dolling up your gorgeous husband (and making up for some of those cranky days!), don’t despair! There are plenty of options within the Gift Ideas for Husbands pages … and plenty of help to decide on a product if you just click the Live Help link at the right of screen. Happy hunting!

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