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Men’s Jewelry Gifts for November Birthdays


Inori Black Mens’ Pendant

Jewelry is such a versatile, personal and long-lasting gift … wouldn’t it be great if there were a huge range of men’s jewelry that let him keep his masculine good looks, suited a whole range of different guys, and was reasonably priced? Oops! I mean there is a range of men’s jewelry like that, right here on site ;-) Here we look at some of the picks of the bag in mens’ jewelry for November birthdays.

Black Ceramic and Stainless Steel Bracelet

Black Titanium Ring

Inori No War Pendant

Black Freedom Bangle by Inori

Stainless Steel Interlocking Pendant

Blue Titanium Solstice Ring

Black Rainbow Titanium Ring

Titanium and Gold Spinning Ring

Your Dad or Grandfather would probably have never been seen dead wearing a bracelet or pendant – but their grace and style is now augmenting the handsomeness of men worldwide! You have done well deciding on jewelry as a gift for one of the men in your life this November, but you will need something to help you narrow your search. If your man is born in November, he will either be a Scorpio – intense, mysterious, passionate and creative – or a Sagittarian, with their free spirited extroversion and imagination.

Much of the feeling of a piece comes from its color, and intense Scorpio men will love the wide choice in black-toned jewelry that is now available. The Inori pendant at the beginning of the article is made of stainless steel, with PVD plating – this is just one way of creating black jewelry, we will look at some others shortly! The stainless steel base means that it is suitable for all skin types, and the pendant itself has some brothers in the Inori range, in coffee or blue colors. If you love the design but black is a bit heavy for your (or your man’s) taste, check out the rest of the Inori range to see the matching pieces.

Another innovative, yet simple piece of black jewelry perfect for that deep, mysterious and intense Scorpio is the black ceramic bracelet pictured at right. The ceramic and stainless steel are both very durable and easy-clean bases, for men who wear their jewelry hard. There is no sun-fading, if he works outdoors, and the design is simply and beautifully executed. This also features free shipping, and cancels the shipping for anything else you order with it – bargain!

If your man is in a position to wear rings during the day (that is, he doesn’t work with his hands), then a ring like the black titanium one pictured will stand out beautifully, while maintaining a serious character. Titanium is one of the strongest and most durable metals, and is also the most versatile with regard to coloring. This ring is a cost effective way to enjoy the futuristic material. You have the option of having a message engraved inside the band for free also!

You and I both know that a piece doesn’t have to be black to have its own intensity – this Inori No War pendant makes a striking and passionate statement, and for the times where politics are best left out of view, it can always be hidden under a shirt with an extra long chain. This is a stand alone item, so you can choose a chain in any metal (or leather!), and whatever length your man prefers.

Sagittarians are a little harder to pin down in the gift stakes – these imaginative freedom lovers will enjoy anything that is a little out of the ordinary, which is where a little of our product knowledge can go a long way! Unexpectedly, we’re goingto steer you back to the old black jewelry section again – we couldn’t resist, when talking about freedom-loving Sagittarians, there is nothing that can top the ‘Freedom’ bangle from Inori. The feel of it swinging and swaying gracefully around his wrist imparts a little sense of movement and freedom, even when he’s stuck at a desk. It is stainless steel with a black ion coating, and the 6.5cm diameter is enough for most mens’ wrists.

And just because ‘passion’ isn’t one of their defining characteristics, doesn’t mean that romance is off the cards for Sagittarians. Imagination blends with the ‘awwww!’ factor in the interlocking pendant shown. The two halves come together to create a whole, so if you are looking for a gift for your partner, you can get one for yourself as well with this piece! Two stainless steel chains are included with the purchase, so there is no additional cost.

Or you can set your Sagittarian man’s imagination free with this titanium ring with a blue ’solstice’ pattern. It is available in different widths, however the 8mm width is shown. The blue is tinted into the actual metal, so no worries about wearing it off. The wide bands also allow for engraved messages inside the band that are easily readable, and this one comes with free engraving. There is a huge range of very different titanium rings available, and a couple of different styles are pictured underneath the solstice ring. Just click any of the images to be taken to the entire range of titanium rings, where you’ll be pleasantly surprised by one of the only areas of men’s jewelry where color is celebrated!

Of course, every man is different – so if you haven’t found something you know he’ll love yet, just keep looking through the range of men’s jewelry gift ideas. If you need a hand with any of the product range, just click the Live Help link on the right of every shop page, and we’ll be right there behind you!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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