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Classical Gifts for February Birthdays


Pandora Mother of Pearl Ring

Most of us are lucky enough to know at least one person who can truly be called a ‘classic’. Not the ones that constantly keep you entertained with cute one-liners and hilarious references (although we love that sort of ‘classic’ friend also!), but those that always seem to be perfectly groomed, with an air of elegance and sophistication that mere mortals can only aspire to :-) . These men and women seem to go to bed in a three-piece suit, brush their teeth with diamonds and make a Mercedes of whatever car they happen to drive … how can you possibly live up to all this perfection in a birthday gift?? Easy! We have some sparkling smooth, elegant and graceful suggestions for both classical guys and girls this February … keep reading for the picks of the tea-sipping, eggshell smooth, plum-voiced bunch!

Pandora Mother of Pearl Earrings

Simple Mother of Pearl Post-Butterfly Earrings

Pandora Black Mother of Pearl Hearts charm

Pandora White Light Ready Made Bracelet

Pandora Loops and White Agate Charm

Icicle Mens Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

Men’s Yellow Gold and Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

Pandora Pink Pearl Ring

Spectacular Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings

Pearl and Filigree Sterling Silver Necklace

Colorful Opal Bracelet

Men’s Stainless Steel Textured Panel Bracelet

Macho Man Silver Wash Bangle by Inori

One of the keys to a classical look is simplicity – you’ll be looking for designs with a single feature and a simple shaping for your classical guys and gals. Another important key to classicism, though, is coordination, and that means matching jewelry to your friend’s personality as well as their clothing and coloring! A great way to gauge what will suit them best is to use their star sign. Aquarians, born between the 1st and 20th of February, are free-spirited and progressive people. Look for new ideas and unusual thinking in classical style jewelry for them. Pisces takes up the rest of the month from the 21st onwards – Piscean men and women are spiritual, dreamy, artistic and sensitive. If you’re wondering how to combine all of these different traits with an overwhelming sense of elegance and charm, wonder no longer!

For Pisceans, mother of pearl is a wonderful material to base jewelry gifts on. It has a lovely iridescent, changeable and very mystical personality to it (just like your Piscean guy or girl), and is also one of the more traditional, classical accents in jewelry. Best of all, there are options available for both guys and girls in mother of pearl. The mother of pearlring at the beginning of the article comes from the Pandora collection, whose jewelry designers definitely know classical! The oxidized sterling silver gives this piece an antique, classical look, and the mother of pearl feature shines with a dull glow like the moon itself. Perfect for mystical, in-touch-with-the-universe Pisceans! There is a matching pair of mother of pearl earrings also (shown at right), at a dainty 2cm long, and the black cubic zirconias that top the large mother of pearl features accent the oxidized sterling silver beautifully. There are several other matching pieces in this range, however they start to lean more towards modern than classical styling. If you’d like to check them out though, just click on the image to go to the product category page, and scroll down once you’ve clicked on the actual product to the ‘We Also Recommend’ section.

If you’d like something a little more simple, or perhaps as an addition to a main gift, the mother of pearl stud earrings at right are also perfect for Pisceans. The mother of pearl feature is a lovely middling 5mm in diameter, and the stone is set on sterling silver to help highlight the silvery, moonish luster for your dreamy, lunar Piscean girl! Check them out and prepare to be thrilled with the price – at less than the cost of dinner at a decent restaurant, they are the perfect choice for anybody.

Pisceans also have the option of stunningly dramatic black mother of pearl, like in the hearts Pandora charm shown at right. The black mother of pearl has a gorgeous greenish iridescence, contrasting beautifully with the sterling silver base. If the lovely classical lady you are buying for this February doesn’t yet have a Pandora bracelet, the Ready-Made Inspirations one at right is an especially good choice! It features two of the white mother of pearl versions of this charm, and you can add twin black versions either side for some beautiful symmetry. The flower design charm in the centre is not mother of pearl, but unusual white agate – gorgeous! These charms are all set on an unusual fully oxidized Pandora bracelet, which makes for a dramatically different, yet innately classical look.

There are also plenty of mother of pearl options for Piscean guys, within the cufflinks area. The Icicle cufflinks at right are part of the Hot Diamonds collection, and feature the classical look of a sparkling white diamond set within the dual mother of pearl panels. They measure a petite 18mm across the face, and the sterling silver base has been rhodium plated (as has much of the Hot Diamonds collection), both for a bit of extra shine, and to prevent the tarnishing that can occur with sterling silver.

For an even more classical look, though, go for something like the yellow gold mother of pearl cufflinks shown. They instantly make any man look like a millionaire … and if you have a dreamy Piscean guy to buy for, he may need that help with looking after his clothing and accessories! These gorgeously dreamy and imaginative guys are often much more interested in contemplating the mysteries of the universe than anything as earthly as dressing themselves! The gold base is 9ct, making these quite affordable, and they have a lovely versatile shaping and simplicity.

Slightly more difficult to buy for is the unusual combination of a classical look, and an Aquarian personality, which values individuality and uniqueness – the ultimate free spirit! You’ll need to find pieces that have an unconventional air, with a simple styling and classical materials – the pink pearl ring at right is a great example. With a similar style to the mother of pearl ring for Pisceans, the piece has a simple elegance – but the unconventional pink pearl definitely drags it out of the realms of the ordinary! The 9mm pearl makes an impressive feature in this ring, and it is accented beautifully by the classical tones of a genuine white diamond. There is a matching Pandora charm for bracelets, just as classical and elegant, and also earrings featuring a combination of smokey quartz and pink pearls. Check these out in the ‘We Also Recommend’ section beneath the product information, once you have clicked the link.

Also incorporating the classicism of pearls, although in a shaping and style individual enough to suit any unique Aquarian, are these gorgeous pearl and diamond drop earrings. They have a several-layer drop design, which despite itself remains simple and elegant. There are filigree heart and cufflink features along the length of the earrings, which include 8×5mm cultured lake pearls alongside six brilliant cut white diamonds. They are all set on versatile, suitable-for-all-skins white gold with a 14ct weight. All this unique luxury is available to layby for less than the cost of one dinner out per week, or as a special gift for a special, classical lady! You can see the matching necklace underneath the earrings at right – stunning, yet individual. You could perhaps grab one for her birthday this year, and layby another for Christmas … so you’ll be sorted for another twelve months, at least :-) .

Don’t be trapped into thinking that ‘classical’ jewelry is all about plain colors and straight lines, though … simplicity and elegance come in many forms, including surprisingly individual shapes like this colorful opal bracelet, perfect for progressively classical Aquarians! It has eight Australian boulder opal doublets, all set on 14ct yellow gold, and with pink, blue and green accents. Another great thing about opal jewelry for Aquarians is that no two patterns on an opal are exactly the same – each is as unique as fingerprints on people are. Your unique Aquarian will love this individuality.

And for classical Aquarian guys, why not go for an unconventional item of jewelry, with a classical appearance, like the stainless steel bracelet at right. The polished, faceted stainless steel alternates with tough, very masculine textured panels. The stainless steel base makes it strong and extremely scratch resistant, even for a bracelet which is often exposed to wear and tear.

A similar choice for unusual men’s jewelry items, with a classical flavor, is the Inori bangle at right. It is made in stainless steel, but has a silver tone finish and an almost iridescent wash that make it shine like molten metal. The bracelet is made for quite a close fit on your classical Aquarian man, helping him maintain the streamlined appearance that is so important for a classical look.

You should have plenty of starting points for a search by now! Keep browsing in the Gift Ideas for Women and Gift Ideas for Men sections for more inspiration and beautiful items. If you really can’t decide whether something is classical enough, you can always ask us for a second, expert-jewelry opinion – we are only as far away as the Live Help link on the right hand side of the page.

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