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How to measure the length for a Pandora bracelet

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In this article you’ll discover an easy 3 step process you can use to find out the best length for your Pandora bracelet

Step One – Measure your wrist with a tape-measure

First, start by measuring your wrist.

Take a tape-measure, and wrap it around your wrist. Have the tape-measure sit flat on your skin around your wrist, without pulling at your skin.  Wrap it comfortably – so make it not too loose and not too tight.

Then read the length measurement and round it up to the next cm on the tape measure.

For example, if the tape measure shows a length measurement as 16.5cm. Rounding that up to the closest cm makes it 17cm.

Step Two – Adding space for your Pandora charms to fit
You don’t want your Pandora bracelet to be as firm a fit as your tape-measure. You need room for the Pandora charms to fit, and for the bracelet to feel comfortable.

General Rule: Add 2cm to your wrist length

For example: Step 1 measurement was 17cm

17cm + 2cm = 19cm

For most Pandora bracelets you would add 2cm to your length, that’s the general rule of thumb for an average number of charms on your bracelet.

But if you intent to fill your Pandora bracelet all the way around the Pandora charms, you could add 3cm instead of 2cm, to give a bit extra room to fit the larger number of charms.

Step 3 – Selecting your bracelet length
Pandora bracelets are available in 7 lengths :

  • 16cm – new length!
  • 17cm
  • 18cm
  • 19cm
  • 20cm
  • 21cm
  • 23cm

Choose the closest bracelet length to your Step 2 length.

If your length from step 2 is less than 17cm, choose the 17cm length.

If your step two length was 22cm, choose the 23cm length (because Pandora don’t make a 22cm length).

Giving a gift bracelet
If you’re giving a Pandora bracelet as a gift you don’t always have the ability to measure the wrist measurement without giving away the surprise.

So if you can’t measure the gift recipient’s wrist – you’re best option is to choose the most popular bracelet length – which is the average bracelet length for most ladies – the 19cm length.

Hopefully this information will help you to choose the right length for your Pandora bracelet.

And remember, there’s free delivery in Australia and New Zealand for all Pandora jewellery purchased from

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2 Responses

  1. Lea Agar Says:

    I was recently given a Pandora bracelet as a gift from a friend. The bracelet is too long & slides off over my hand. Is it possible for Pandora bracelets to be shortened? My local jeweller doesnt seem to think so?


  2. Sharon Wild Says:

    Hi Lea, Due to the style of the Pandora bracelet with a solid rather than link based design, the Pandora bracelets can’t be shortened in length.

    What we offer with our Gillett’s Jewellers customers is – we exchange the bracelet for a different length bracelet. Our customers simply return the bracelet to us within 30 days with their Gillett’s Jewellers purchase receipt and we exchange the bracelet for a bracelet of the same design in the required length. Gillett’s Jewellers don’t charge an exchange fee for this service for silver and the silver with gold clasp Pandora bracelets (Note: solid gold Pandora bracelets have a different price for each cm length – the difference in price between gold bracelet lengths is charged or refunded to the customer). A small delivery fee applies if delivery is required for a bracelet exchange.

    Other jewellers will have their own exchange policies. Some other jewellers may offer an exchange, some may not. Some other jewellers may charge an exchange fee. We suggest that you ask your friend where she purchased the bracelet from, and then contact that store to determine if they will exchange it for you.

    For your peace-of-mind, in the future you’ll now know that by purchasing a Pandora bracelet from Gillett’s Jewellers, you’ll be able to exchange the bracelet if you needed a different length.



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