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Perfect Pandora Gifts for Sagittarian Sweethearts


Shoe Charm with Red Cubic Zirconia for Fun-Loving Sagittarians

The Pandora philosophy is that every woman is special, beautiful and unique – that is why there is such an enormous range of charms, with so many different styles, colors, bases and options! But how on earth do you match the charm to the charmer?! Zodiac signs are one way. Every woman is unique, however a zodiac sign can reveal a lot about stylistic preferences and personality types … even if they can’t really predict what is going to happen to you at work this week, or which numbers will win the lottery for you! If you have a Sagittarian sweetheart to buy for (and we use the term ’sweetheart’ loosely – the charms in the article aren’t necessarily aimed at romantic partners, but at any female that is a sweetheart!), here are our top Pandora picks for this Christmas.

Cognac Enamel Dangle Charm

Silver and Gold Star Dangle Charm

Blue Topaz Six Petal Flower Charm

Pandora Orange Cubic Zirconia Scrolls Charm

Blue Cubic Zirconia Sport Ball Charm

Silver Dolphin Charm

SIlver Pig Charm

Sagittarian girls are a definite and distinctive breed. In many ways, every Sagittarian girl is a sweetheart – these females are benevolent, idealistic, broad-minded and fun-loving. They’ll enjoy beads with a sense of fun – no stuffy, stifled symmetry and boring old patterns for these girls! They also enjoy their freedom, and are quite extroverted. They’ll no doubt be wearing their Pandora bracelet to many social occasions over the coming years, so look for beads with a touch of joy and cuteness about them.

We also mentioned that Sagittarian are freedom-loving souls, and you can play up to this quality with one of the gorgeous dangle charms available in the Pandora range. The dangles swing freely as she moves her arms around, and this sense of movement and life is just what the Sagittarian girl ordered. The shoe charm at the beginning of the article is a great example. Sagittarians love to be out and about, adventurous souls that they are, and will always need to get their boots on! The sweet flip-flop design is a popular one, and you can get this in variants with amethyst cubic zirconias, as well as diamonds on a gold base. Just check the gemstone section.

The cognac heart charm at right is another great dangle charm for Sagittarians. They’ll adore the summery, adventurous color, and the dangle adds a lovely feeling of freedom to a Pandora bracelet. The color of the cognac enamel is actually quite similar to the birthstone for some Sagittarians – if they are born in November, citrine is their birthstone.

For dangles that are a little more luxurious, the star dangle shown at right reminds Sagittarians to reach for the stars… not that these idealistic signs would ever do otherwise! The star is made of 14ct gold, set on a sterling silver base, and is a good match for both silver and gold-based bracelets.

Sagittarians, as we hinted at before, will either be born in November or December. The general birthstone for Sagittarians is the topaz, and if they are born in November, they can also claim the alternative birthstone of citrines. Depending on which way the wind sways them on a particular day! If they are December born, turquoise is their alternative birthstone. You can find plenty of charms that incorporate topazes in the gemstone section – like the blue topaz six-petal flower charm shown at right. The sky-blue of this charm makes a subtle contrast to the paraiba topazes that are available in some Pandora charms, which are a little more intense and deeply colored. These sky-blue stones will remind her of the sky, and all the freedom it represents!

You only need to click on the Gemstone tab of the product finder box in the Gemstone charms section to quickly and easily refine your results to certain stones. While there aren’t any citrine or turquoise Pandora charms, you can capture the spirit of her month’s birthstone quite easily with either an orange cubic zirconia charm, for November-born Sagittarians, or a blue cubic zirconia charm, for December babies. Something individual and creative like the scrolls charm shown will be perfect for Sagittarian girls, with their expansive, adventurous and broad-minded ideas about design. If she is December born, go for something just as creative, but in blue, like the blue cubic zirconia sport ball charm. Did we mention that your athletic Sagittarian sweetheart will probably kick your butt at your chosen sport, any day of the week?! ;-)

If you are looking for a more cost-effective Christmas gift for a Sagittarian this year, the silver section will give you plenty of options. The dolphin charm shown above will resonate well with Sagittarian girls – these clowns of the sea are just as fun-loving as she is, and just as intelligent. And you may or may not have heard just how intelligent pigs are – but they are only a couple of steps behind humans in the brain stakes. Your intelligent, broad-minded Sagittarian will not only appreciate this charm’s brain-power, but also its sweet cuteness!

If you haven’t found the perfect gift for your Sagittarian girl yet, don’t worry! This is only the top of the barrel, you have mountains of sweet motifs, mellow gold symbols AND delightful gemstones to sort through yet! Just go to either the Pandora home page, or the old-style Pandora bracelet builder on site. We recommend the silver and animal sections for fun-loving Sagittarians, and have a check through the gemstone section and the birthstones page to find either topaz or cubic zirconia charms for her. If you need any help, we are only as far away as the Live Help link on the right hand side of the page.

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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