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Personalized Gifts for Christmas


Hot Diamonds Charms

If you are female, you probably know well the feeling of opening several packets of bath soap, and at least two sets of teatowels for Christmas every year. Just as well as the males among you will know how it feels to get socks, ties, and underwear! While you always appreciate the thought, and like to be reminded of your friend or loved one while you’re using them, they usually end up just one among many. Surely you also know the thrill of receiving something that pushes all the right buttons for you as well – and you can pass on that special thrill this Christmas, with a gift that is personalized exactly to your receiver!

Killer Heel Charm

Aquarius Charm

Lotus Charm

Queen Bee Charm

Pandora Silver Angel Charm

Pale Pink with White Ribbon Stripes

Black and Grey Triangles

Nomination Bracelets

Red Snowboarder Link

Trinity – Celtic Symbol Link

Titanium, SIlver and Rose Gold Ring

Blue Titanium and Diamond Ring

Charm bracelets are one of the obvious choices when we are talking about personalized gifts, and we have a few different types in store. The traditional style of charm bracelet shown at the top comes from the Hot Diamonds collection, a classy yet affordable range of jewelry, which uses sterling silver and dainty diamonds as its motifs. One of the great things about beginning a Hot Diamonds charm bracelet for one of the special ladies in your life is that there will certainly never be a shortage of jewelry to match her one-of-a-kind bracelet.

Some of the charms from the Hot Diamonds range are shown at right; the one at the top is the killer heel charm, which exemplifies the Glamourpuss section (where you will find it) perfectly! This section is made for party girls who love to look great, and live for nights on the town. Got a shoe fetishist on your hands? There are several shoe charms in the range, with great choices for cocktail queens, purse princesses and social butterflies also available.

For those who are very much in touch with what you cannot see, check out the Cosmic section of charms, as well as Love and Luck. You’ll find all of the zodiac signs here, with both the astrological symbol and also the starsign’s name spelt out on the charm, as shown in the Aquarius charm at right. But for those into more esoteric pursuits, there are charms like the lotus one at right, as well as evil eyes, om symbols, happy horseshoes and four-leafed clovers. All of the Hot Diamonds charms attach to a chain with a lobster-lock clip, so you can take them on and off easily, one at a time.

Pandora bracelets have been a huge success around the world, with their innovative approach to charm bracelets, their definitive style and their fantastic quality. Gilletts is an authorized Pandora retailer in Australia, and Pandora charms from us all feature free shipping across the continent! Pandora beads are threaded onto the actual bracelet, rather than clipped on to a chain, giving them a different, slightly more streamlined look. Pandora also makes specialized ‘chains’ long enough to fit around a neck, as well as providing leather necklace length pieces. These are great for kids – bracelets are easily lost when your wrists are only a few centimeters across! The charms can be transferred to a bracelet if they want to, when they are older.

The silver bead range is the most affordable of the Pandora categories (although the Murano glass and enamel sections have some lovely, colorful and joyful beads for great prices also), and the queen bee bead has become something of a mascot for the Pandora range. The gold crown on her head adds only minutely to the price, and the Queen Bee really is a must-have bead. The silver angel shown underneath has all of the Queen Bee’s sweet happy abandon, for a slightly lower price, and the owl, little girl and frog that are all in the silver section capture that same childlike joy.

The Murano glass charms for Pandora bracelets have been one of the fastest growth areas in the range – they are absolutely exploding in popularity. The ribbon design, like on the pale pink and white bead shown, is available in several different colors – you can either color or design-coordinate your bracelet or necklace. Not all of the Murano glass pieces have the fairy-floss sweetness, or poster paint gaudiness of other glass beads – the black and grey triangles bead is a great example. These are a lovely way to add clarity and depth to the look of a Pandora bracelet, while keeping it nice and neutral, suitable for any outfit.

But personalized Christmas gifts are not only for girls … we’re saving men the world over from the pain of a forced grin at a packet of socks and ties, too! Nomination bracelets are one way to personalize a gift for your man this Christmas – their clever linking system gives them a sleek, styled look. They are quite unisex in their shaping, and many of the links that are available are male-oriented. Sections on sport (with enamel base, cubic zirconia base, or silver and gold base), as well as tech sections and unisex favorites like music-oriented links, Celtic symbols, Nature, and letter and number links, make nomination bracelets a very individual men’s jewelry gift this Christmas.

But by far the personalized jewelry gift that most gets a man’s adrenaline pumping is the range of titanium rings. You know how the brawnier half of the species is enthralled with strength and technology – and titanium has both of these qualities. It is light, easy to work, and you can incorporate colors, engraving, and gemstones into your titanium ring. Choose from different band widths as well as different finger sizes, of course, and you can choose the shape of the band also. Of course, for those of you that get a bit overwhelmed by all of that choice, there is a huge section of titanium rings ready made for you – the titanium, silver and rose gold ring at right comes from here. The blue titanium and diamond ring does also- both of these are examples of what you can make for yourself in the Design Your Own section also.

A great strategy is to browse through the pre-made titanium rings, getting an idea of what they look like when they are finished. If you find one that you ‘mostly’ love … replicate it with the Titanium Ring builder tool, personalizing to exactly how you, or a loved one, would want i!

When you first go the ring builder tool, you’ll be asked to choose a design to get started. This is just a basis for you, to save a bit of time with some of the personalization. Don’t worry if none of them are anything like what you want! There are hundreds of possibilities. You first choose the titanium color, texture, shape, width and your finger size. The next tab along is Inlays, where you can choose the exact positioning of the inlay stripes, their color and metal, and their width. You next have a gemstone section, with just as many possibilities … and hopefully you are starting to understand just how unique a gift these titanium rings are!

We’re sure the thrill of getting such a personalized gift will overwhelm the fact that you may not have a gift in a box, ready to go on Christmas Day … in fact, for your friends and loved ones, it is sort of like having two Christmases! One where they find out what their present is, and one where they actually choose it. You can keep browsing for some starter ideas, or to determine which sort of personalized jewelry you;d like to buy, by clicking to go to either the Pandora jewelry section, the Nomination Bracelet Builder, the Design Your Own Titanium Ring section, or the Hot Diamonds charms area. If you get lost on your way around the store, just click on the Live Help link to the right of screen and we’ll spin you around, and leave you pointing in the right direction!

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Pandora special offer! Free Pandora Gift with every Pandora purchase.

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