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Free Returns

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Coloured & Exotic Gemstones

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Displaying 9 Products

Displaying 9 Products

Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings Australia

There is no doubt that diamonds are a beautiful thing to be adorning a ring, however it is true that a white diamond isn’t perfect for every lady. If you’re planning on popping the questions and you want something a little more lively and colourful to match your ladies personality, coloured gems are a fantastic option – these bright rare and exotic gems are particularly suited to bright personalities and those looking for something a little more personal.

Diamonds work beautifully to complement the range of coloured gemstones we maintain in our collection, making their presence even more impactful when placed appropriately on a ring. If you dream of a rare diamond as the centrepiece on your engagement ring, our rare pink and coloured diamond engagement rings are absolutely stunning, and will become a family heirloom to be treasures for generations .

Coloured gems for sparkling personalities

One of the loveliest advantages of coloured gemstones is the beautiful way they can complement the wearer. Gemstones are so readily tied to impactful meanings that choosing the perfect gemstone can demonstrate the wearers personality in just a glimpse.

Favourite colours are an excellent starting point – if your loved one adores red, a ruby or spinel would be an excellent gem to incorporate into a ring – but meaning for coloured gemstones goes beyond simple colour. Meaning has been built into coloured stones for centuries and by a variety of cultures. For instance, the beautiful blue sapphire is associated with wisdom and divine favour, and would complement a loved one who carries these traits.

Select the perfect coloured gemstone for you

If you want to find a coloured gemstone, but need help deciding which one is most suitable for your loved one, Gillett’s is here to help. Decades of experience crafting rings for couples has ensured that our eye for detail is second to none.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to start your journey.

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